Thursday, March 30, 2017

Helping the poopies get adopted !

During a recent trip out of town, a BFF stopped by our house while we were away to take care of the three girls (Daisy, Freeway, and Tessa).   It was time to thank the BFF for helping but I knew my BFF wouldn't likely be happy if I thanked her with money and a simple "thank you" didn't seem like enough.  As a light bulb went on over my head, I knew I had the right idea ! I chose to thank her by helping something that is close to her heart.

The BFF had been volunteering for years with the Animal Shelters and Rescues in the Phoenix area.  She helped with fundraisers, promoted adopting rather than shopping, walked the animals, helped with adoption events, and worked one-on-one to socialize them with humans and other furry beings.

I considered several options of items I could make for the Rescues, factoring in the limitations the broken ribs and pain meds I am needing these days.  Simple sewing was a possibility as long as the project wasn't big... or heavy...  or complicated.... or needing precise stitching.

I searched through my polyester fabrics with neckerchiefs in mind, thinking that super simple ones would require nothing more than cutting.  

Plus, the polyester fabric is almost indestructible and does not unravel or rip easily so hemming would not be required. 

I made 32 of the standard triangle neckerchiefs in different sizes for the doggies to wear at the next adoption event and sent them off with my friend after expressing my sincere gratitude for stopping by to feed and play with my girls while we were gone.
A couple days later, I received a request for another 50  neckerchiefs for the next big adoption event to be held on Saturday.

This time around, I wanted something better than the simple neckerchiefs I had previously made.  Back to the drawing board and bins of polyester fabric I went, looking for an idea than wouldn't tax my sore ribs and fabric to make it all work.

I found a pattern for a fairly simple faux vest pattern with a collar and a bow tie that would work with the poly fabric and also found some cute doggie themed buttons I could use.

As I am 3 months into a personal de-stashing event myself, I was determined to use only items in my studio and I was happy to find everything I needed, including the velcro.

I picked out a few pieces of yardage that would look good as a "vest" and started cutting, following up with cutting out the collar pieces.  I decided that almost all of the vests should have red bow ties because I love red !!!

I was able to assemble the vests fairly quickly, especially since I didn't need to hem or face anything.  Quick was important if I was to meet the deadline of 50 by Saturday.  The buttons were hand sewn but worth it in "cute" value.

I was able to donate 75 of these adorable vests to the Rescue in the name of M. Lester, who gave so generously to the fund I recently set up for the education of my deceased brother's four minor children.  M. has a soft spot in her heart for animals too, as I think she loves and cares for every animal that comes to the door of her home in the country.

M, I think they turned out pretty cute!!

We even caught one of the doggies modeling one of the vests for us !

Help a furry friend out !!

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