My Machines

3 things happened to me to change my life:

#1 - my brother gifted me a gorgeous hand crank machine.  I was immediately intrigued.
#2 - My son brought me a vintage Necchi (similar to my first machine).  Old memories are good ones.
#3 - My beloved, and oldest, electronic Pfaff passed away after giving my 20 years of dependable service.  She cannot be repaired as her computer board fried.  I was crushed.

I decided that these old vintage machines are still around so they must be well made. So I jumped off the electronic freeway of sewing machines and joined the vintage machine back roads.

* My beloved Pfaff has, for whatever reason, come back to me without any effort on anyone's part.  Not sure why but I choose not to question it.

Everyone has their own opinion as to what constitutes "vintage". Here's the definition according to Webster's:

—used to describe a wine usually of high quality that was produced in a particular year which is identified on the bottle

—used to describe something that is not new but that is valued because of its good condition, attractive design, etc.
—used to describe something that has the best qualities or characteristics of the things made or done by a particular person, organization, etc.
In the terms of Vintage Sewing Machines - I think it refers to the time before "built-in obsolescence", when we took pride in our manufacturing and we designed things to last a lifetime, or two...or three.

Please let me introduce to my girls.... 
in no particular order:

1953 Singer Featherweight
Acquired 2/13/14

A featherweight that I more or less stumbled upon while in Tucson.  A friend and I were actually looking for a treadle for her and I found this....  and bought it.

Faith came with the original case, attachments, and manual.  Faith sews like a dream and after slight clean up and some oil and grease, she purrs along beautifully.

1927 Singer Treadle

Edna was entrusted to me by the granddaughter of the original owner, whose name was Edna.  Cherished memories are attached to Edna and I keep in touch with the granddaughter to share our experiences.

Edna received an internal cleaning and a new treadle belt. I would like to do a full restoration on the machine head but for now, Edna sews beautifully for me and I know that she has many more memories left to create.

And treadling took some getting used to....  :)

As pledged, while I was learning to treadle, I completed 2 toddler quilt tops on this machine....  for Edna's granddaughter.  I quilted the tops to be play mats as some of my favorite memories with my grandmother were playing on the floor at her knee.  May Edna's granddaughter enjoy her granddaughter on the mat.   I think Edna, the great great grandmother, would be happy.

Here in Arizona, most floors are tile and this will be more comfy and more visually stimulating than any old store bought play mat!! 

Singer 306W
Acquired 12/13           Stay tuned for photos, her name, and updates

Wheeler Wilson
Date not yet known
Acquired 3/4/14

I have not yet researched this machine to determine its date, but I believe she is dated very late 1800s up to no later than 1905.  She does have a gorgeous cabinet!!! 

I will need a new treadle belt and needles for the WW before I can start working on her.

Stay tuned for her name and updates.


Acquired 3/4/14
Stay tuned for more information, her name, date, and updates.
Vickers Hand Crank   
Acquired 1/13/13

stay tuned for a birthdate and additional information.


(BF Supernova?)          Stay tuned for a name, a date, and updates.

Acquired 1/13

Not yet sure if this is an Eldredge or an Eldredge Model B
Company was originated by Barnabas Eldredge.  Eldredge joined with June Manufacturing Company and after J.T. June's death, merged the 2 companies into National Sewing Machine Company.  National eventually become Janome.  

Stay tuned for updates.


Pfaff 7570
I will use her for labels and when fancy stitches are required.

Plus many more than I would like to admit.   More photos to come.


  1. I love all the machines, names and bits of history. How fun. My fun vintage is a 1928 Singer with the original owners manual. Works like a dream. It was my Grandfather's machine, he used it to repair his work clothes.

    1. Thank you Karen. The vintage machines are just so beautiful! and hardworking FOREVER.