Friday, March 17, 2017

DIYing all over the Soap Dispenser

I purchased a bathroom set that included a tissue dispenser, soap dispenser, and tray....  it was in the perfect shades of purple and lavender for our guest bathroom and I just LOVED it.  Until I found a problem.....

Problem:   The pump didn't work on the soap dispenser. 

It was bought used so I should have checked it out a bit better.  But it was empty when I bought it (I say, in my defense).

However, being the stubborn....  err, creative... sort, I was bound and determined to figure out a way to make it work.

I tried soaking it in hot water in case there was dried out soap lodged in the pump.  I tried pumping water, a little oil to loosen things, and then just air.  Nothing worked.

I did have a similarly sized pump on another soap dispense but it did not screw on tightly...  so I still had a problem.

I put my thinking cap on....

Solution:  I also had rubber bands !!  All different sizes and lengths...  LOTS of rubber bands!!!

I wrapped a rubber band around the spirals of the screw top of the container ...

I tested different size rubber bands by screwing the pump onto the container to gauge the fit.   I decided I liked the fit of two skinny bands wrapped independently, rather than one fat one.

Once the rubber bands were installed to get the fit I needed, I filled the container with liquid hand soap, screwed the pump on, and VIOLA!!!  

Perfect!   well, perfect for this girl!

I am thrilled with the results....  and back in love with the set.  And I think the new replacement pump looks better than the original pump !!

I am also aware that I may have to change rubber bands every time I refill the soap dispenser. 

However, the dispenser holds A LOT of soap so that won't be very often. *

* Can you see my super adorable toilet brush holder in the lower left of the mirror?  Yes, its a WHITE CAT!  also bought used :).  I wonder how my real white kitties feel about that?

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