~                     Awww                      ~

~             DUH!              ~

An ad in a local newspaper
for a cleaning service

~         The REAR View:         ~

Bumper stickers I LOVE:

the back side of a tanker truck:
the reflection of our Caddy and trailer
Don't believe everything you think you know.

A license plate:

On big expensive pickup:  IRS IOU
On a large SUV:  MUTLVR
From Arizona:  IMMELTN
From South Dakota:   BYBY SNO
On an old red pickup:  TONKA
On a Commercial Van:  BYMYXRY
On a Scion Cube:  MACHZRO
On a Mini Cooper:  FAUXCAR
On a Honda Fit:   HISSY
On a zippy little car:  XQQQME
On a strong person's car:  H8KEMO
On a non-descript van:   EZ2SMIL
On a shiny new 'Vette: XLR8ION
On a frustrated commuter car: IH8I17 (I17 is our main interstate)
On a brand new shiny Mustang:  MANOPOZ
In the doctor's parking lot: CUT2CUR
On a sporty compact: VRROOM

~         Interesting Thoughts          ~

Has it ever occurred to you just how much has not occurred to you simply because it hadn't occurred to you yet?

A creative mind is seldom tidy.

100% juice.... with added ingredients??

~       What took them so long?      ~

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~   Ewww.  Seriously EWWW !!     ~

Of these two ice cream flavors, which would you choose?