Offered for sale...

All items shown here are offered for sale and many are unique, one of a kind, items.

Generally ships in 2-5 business days. 
Items may be previously sold without notice.  You will be invoiced only for the cost of the item(s) available, actual shipping costs, plus $1 per total order for shipping supplies.

Choose by number
FUN & FUNky Headbands

Put the FUN back in your life with a FUNky Headband!!!

Choose by number

Each Headband measures approximately 32" long and 4" wide, thus, one size fits most. Soft, comfortable, and easy to wear. Not suitable for small children due to embellishments.

Additional headbands are available and there are no two alike.

$10 each or 3/$35 plus shipping and $1 per total order s/h.  Paypal accepted.

FUNky Headbands are very easy to make with basic sewing machine skills but they are a bit time consuming.  The nice thing is that you can use just about anything bright, shiny, soft, or pretty to decorate your headband: feathers, lace, buttons, ribbon, beads, silk flowers, etc. There is almost no limit to what you can use on these headbands. 

The pattern, which is expressly limited to personal use ONLY, will be forwarded to your email via PDF.

The pattern is $2 and Paypal is accepted.

Lid Rack

Handmade in Tucson, Arizona...   These sturdy and versatile racks can be used to support pan lids, children's books, games, craft patterns or supplies, or even items at bazaars, flea markets, and craft fairs. 

$10 each plus shipping and $1 per total order s/h.  Paypal accepted.


Towel Turbans:

Each towel is handmade from quality terry and work for any length hair.  However, as I have longer hair, I have made them just a little extra long to accommodate length.  

Available in a variety of colors but limited to stock on hand. 

SoapSax are great for allowing the slippery soap to be handled safety by children and elderly. 

Soapsax also enables you to use up a sliver of soap until its gone, Simple pop a bar of soap into the sax, pull the drawstring closure tight, and when it becomes small, just add a new bar of soap.  The sliver will get used and you will have control and suds all at the same time!

Special: buy 2 towel turbans and get a free coordinating Soapsax.

We always have s good selection of colors available so please contact us for colors on hand.

Towel Turbans $5.50 each plus shipping and $1 per total order s/h.  Paypal accepted.
Soapsax: $1.50 each plus shipping and $1 per total order s/h.  Paypal accepted.

Sample towel turban
with matching soapsox.

Sample towel turban
with matching soapsox
Sample Soapsax

A Quilter's Pressing Bar       A Must-Have for EVERY piecer....

The easy and fast way to press the seam of a pieced unit without distorting or stretching the surrounding fabric - even bias edges.

Using the Pressing Bar will give you flat, crisp seams and the seams stay flat, without steam.

The Pressing Bar can be used to press seams in quilting, garment construction, doll clothes, and other tight places were a press is needed.

The Pressing Bar is made in Arizona of hardwood and sanded smooth for safe, long term use.

The photo above shows a unit pressed on a normal ironing board and a unit pressed on the Pressing Bar. Can you tell the difference? The unit on the bottom shows a flatter, more crisp fold. (IF my photo taking was done well :))

To use the bar:
STEP 1: Place the seam to be pressed along the bar.

This process will feel awkward initially, but will become 2nd nature to you.

STEP 2: Flip one edge of fabric over fold

Make sure the appropriate "flap" is over the seam allowance.

STEP 3: Run the tip of your iron down the seam line.

Only the seam 'fold' is pressed and the remaining fabric is untouched and undistorted.

Pressing Bars are available for $5 each plus shipping and $1 per total order s/h.  Paypal accepted.. 

NOTE: With the concentration of pressure and heat in the specific area of the seam, no steam was deemed necessary to achieve a better-than-steam beautiful crisp seam. I have had ladies use the Bar with no heat or steam!!! With just pressure, the seam is easily pressed.  Be aware that the pressing bar was not tested with steam. Should you wish to use steam, please complete your own testing. In general, with or without the Pressing Bar, pressing from the right side of the fabric can help ensure no pressing folds near the seam.

Hand Crocheted
Spool Doilies

Displayed on Edna, my treadle sewing machine and my Singer Featherweight

White are available with or without beading. The red and blue do not have the beading around the edge.

Each doily is approximately 2 1/2" - 3" in diameter and each one is unique and one of kind.  There will not be any two doilies exactly alike.

$2.50 each plus shipping and $1 per total order s/h.  Paypal accepted.

Ships in 2-5 business days.


A sampling of the variety of dishcloths available.
Hand Knit Dishcloths

Limited to stock on hand.  Contact us for available colors or choose 1st and 2nd choice colors.

100% cotton
In honor of my grandson, family, and friends, ALL proceeds go to Make-A-Wish.  Nothing is kept back for costs.

$2.75 each plus shipping and $1 per total order s/h.  Paypal accepted.


Sample of Hacker Cooler prior to soaking and ready for use.

Currently out of stock

We have them by many names based on theme... 
HackerCooler for the golfers,
TravelCooler for the travelers,
GreenThumbCooler for the gardeners,
a mish mash of other names to designate the probable use.  Please know that any Cooler can be used in any situation.

Stay cool in the garden, golf course, on the motorcycle, or on the boat...  Simply soak the Cooler in water, allow excess water to drain off, and tie around neck.  Cooling comfort for up to 6 hours. 

Multiple styles available... please contact us photo of colors available.

Red Hat Society Totes

Currently out of stock

Custom made for these very special ladies, they adorable totes can be carried with pride to any gathering.

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