Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pat Sloan's 2016 BOM

I love to create fictional stories for my quilts as I create them.  They just seem to take on a life of their own as I am lulled by the sewing machine's hum.  

As I was searching through my stash of fabrics to use as a focus for Pat Sloan's Vacation Time block-of-the-month for last year, I found a most interesting panel. 

I am not sure how long I have had it but it seemed to "fit" into this quilts evolving story..

It seemed that as I continued to search for fabrics, I would stumble upon  and more fabrics that fit the story.. 

When the smoke cleared, I quickly evaluated the fabrics I had found and determined the story.

I can give a child the world.

It was just that easy once I found my fabrics.  I knew the colors, fabrics, and story.  What more could I ask?

I was rearing to go!

Each block was termed by Pat as something she enjoyed on her vacations and the block names she choose were just FUN!:


  Down on the Boardwalk
  Toes in the Sand
  Surf's Up
  The Penny Arcade
  The Beach Bag
  Summer Nights
  The Hot Dog Stand
  Salt Water Taffy
  The Ferris Wheel
  Bathing Beauties and Seashells

Of course, I made up a few extras of some of the blocks so I can make the quilt a bit larger.


I haven't decided on a final layout yet as I will have to decide how to work the extra blocks in.  BUT, its coming along and hope to finish it SOON!  After all, we are well into 2016s BOM!

pat sloan vacation time final quilt both quilts 2
Pat Sloan's quilts....

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