Saturday, April 23, 2016

Public apology to the queen and her court

While I am all about letting nature be as it should be, I do have my limits.

I started seeing bees, mostly dead, inside my sewing studio....  one here, one there.  They were never aggressive and I questioned where they were coming from but I would lose interest quickly as the pretty fabric in my quilting studio grabbed my attention. 

As time went on, there were more and more bees.  Suddenly, they were falling onto quilts that were on the longarm.  Ok, it was no longer acceptable.

I asked the hubster about the bees and he said that, apparently, a honey bee colony had moved in to one of the outside parapets above my studio.   I indicated that something must be done before one was sewn into a quilt.

The bee relocators were called and after review of the situation, we were given the options of removing a VAST amount of wall to retrieve the hive and there was no guarantee that they could get the queen as the hive was so large....  or destroy the bees and remove them and their home.

It was not a pleasant decision but unless they could get the queen, it would not be a successful relocation.   Additionally, the sheer amount of hive would require demolition of more wall/roof than we were willing to risk, especially since there was no guarantee they could get the queen even then.

Sadly, the bees were sprayed and everyone waited....      the next day, the removal began.

Two garbage bags of bees and hive.

The repair included layers of Kilz to eliminate the smell of honey to prevent the return of bees, replacement of the cut out section, caulking, texturing, and painting.  

Dear Bees, I am so sorry.....

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