Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Challenge to all!!!

I need to do something with my closets....  and since misery loves company, I am going "let" you do it along with me....  It will be like a recycle/reuse/repurpose game!!!

And best of all, it will only take about 20 minutes because we are going to ONLY SLIGHTLY unclutter...  but unclutter we will!!!

You KNOW you don't need it if:

1-  You didn't remember you had it.

2 - You can't remember why you bought it because, after all, see #1.

3 - Now that you have found it, you are pretty sure you won't ever.... EVER....  wear/need it.

4 - You can find a person, place, or thing that CAN use it.

Are you ready????

Lets go!!!

1.  STAND in front of a closet/storage cabinet that you don't use much...  (hint: its the one you have forgotten what is really in there and you are pretty sure that you haven't seen the inside of it in the last couple years.)

2.   CHOOSE to either go down.... or go up.  If you chose:
              DOWN: open the closet door, get down on your hand and knees, and enter the
              closet as far as you can.
              UP: open the closet door, grab a step stool, and enter the closet

3.   PICK out the 5 things furthest from where you are....  the farthest back in the corner or to either side.  (Of course, feel free to pull out MORE than 5 :).

4.   DECIDE, of the 5, which 2-3 things will never, ever be used by you in their current state.  Put those things you still love back INTO the closet

5.   DO IT: donate, recycle, or reuse.   

DONATE: There are always thrift shops that take donations to benefit animals, hospice, or even just Goodwill.  But here are some other ideas for the stuff that needs some new love.
  • Gently used formal wear and accessories can be donated to places like The Cinderella Affair in Chandler, AZ that provide free prom dresses to girls unable to purchase their own.  All services are free to the recipients.
  • Wedding dresses can be donated to your local "AngelGown" group.  (Search for Angel Gowns and your city or state for more info or contact me.) They transform your donated dress into burial accoutrement for preterm babies who have passed.   Again, all services are free to the families of the Angelbabies.
  • Larger local churches generally have missions either in the neighborhood, for immigrants, or to other countries, that recycle work and play clothing to those in need.

RECYCLE/REPURPOSE: Here are some questions you could ask yourself about the items you pulled out, depending on what they are, of course.  There are TONS of recycling/repurposing ideas on Pinterest.
  • Would that dress work for you if it were shorter? Would your daughter/granddaughter love to use it for "dress up"? 
  • Can your neighbor's kid use that that dress shirt or pant?
  • Could you make baby clothes out of it for a child/grandchild.  Would it make a cute apron? 
  • Could it be used in the garage?  in the yard?  (old golf clubs can be used as plant stakes)
  • Would you love it again if it were painted?  decorated?

6.  FEEL GOOD and BE PROUD about what you have done.  Less in your closet and more for someone in need.

7.  SHARE what you found and what you did in the comments.  The misery is over so share the good Karma that you have earned.

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  1. so far, some puzzles and a pair of shoes are going to the thrift store.