Monday, May 23, 2016

We had a nice weekend....  we got out of town...  to Bisbee, AZ with our motorcycle group. 

He had went a couple years ago with the same group but I was unable to go as I was caring for a relative's child while they went on a much needed trip.

Bisbee is an old mining town build on the edge of the mountain.  An extremely quaint town complete with narrow, one way streets and tons of little shops.

A recent dislocation/relocation of 4 ribs made me think that bumps in the road would hurt less in the car so I drove down separately in the car...  and I could stop in Tucson and see the kids.  And I did just that....  saw them on the way down AND on the way back.

On the way home, he and I stopped in Tombstone for breakfast.

I noticed this memorial along the road.....  Please look twice..... no thrice for motorcycles.

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