Thursday, December 10, 2015

Another "when I get around to it" project is complete!

I just LOVE those room divider screens and being the 'frugal me' that I am, the prices for the ones I like are more than I am willing to spend. 

I happened to find this black faux wrought iron screen
with a plain neutral fabric on it...  I thought I could make it into something I love....  someday.

I would hazard to guess that the screen has lived a very quiet peaceful life just as I bought it for maybe 7-8 years.  Oh, I used it; I didn't love it but I used it. 

I knew someday, something would fall into my hands and make me want to redo this poor, unappreciated screen.

The screen made the move with me to Arizona 5 years ago.... and was, still, just as I purchased it.

When we moved in to the Arizona house, a smattering of items were left "for our convenience"'.  I secretly think they just didn't want the items, but regardless WHY they were left, I appreciated them. Especially since many things that were definitely NOT our favorites were sold, donated, or given away before we left Iowa.  That meant that there were quite a few items that needed to be gathered to furnish our home and the things we DID bring were in a box or bin...  somewhere.

Eventually, the things the previous owners left were either altered and personalized for our life, donated, or used to fill the green bins outside the back door.  There were a couple things I wasn't sure whether I wanted or not, and they were set aside for future consideration.  The shower curtain was something I saved but I didn't know why.

A couple days ago, for whatever reason, a soft white light went on in my imagination...  and I remembered a fabric shower curtain that was left in the en suite.  While it was very NICE shower curtain, it wasn't what I wanted for any bathroom we had.

But AHA!!  The coloring was perfect for the en suite as a room divider!!!

To increase the functionality of our house and to allow kids to sleep close to their parents, we had pared down the clothes hanging area in the VERY LARGE walk in closet in the en suite and placed a twin trundle bed in it.  To give it less of a closet feel without major alterations, we removed the sliding doors, added lamps and pictures and used the aforementioned screen for privacy.

I had decided that shower curtain would be PERFECT for our privacy room dividing screen!!!  I mentally noted it on my to-do list.... 

Yesterday was THE day.

I am not going in to great detail or trying to offer a tutorial as there are many, many styles of screens and the construction of each screen would determine the details of the upcycling and sewing instructions.

  • twice measured everything to make sure that the shower curtain was wide enough (remembering to consider finishing the cut side seams) and long enough when compared to the original screen fabric.
  • As my shower curtain was wider than needed, I decided to have the new screen fabric gathered as it had shiny threads it in and thought some gathering would showcase the threads.
  • I cut off the top of the shower curtain (the area with the grommets that are attached to the shower curtain hooks and tossed it.  Even I couldn't think of a use for it.
  • I loosely measured the shower curtain and divided it into 3 sections, adjusting for the already hemmed sides, and cut the curtain from bottom to top.  Thus, I ended up with 3 pieces of shower curtain. 
  • I finished the cut sides of all three pieces and sewed a casing the same depth as the original screen fabric.
  • I then measured the original screen fabric and, allowing for a casing at the bottom, cut the shower curtain fabric to fit.
  • I finished the bottom with a casing similar to the top.

I am extremely happy with the revamped screen and it matches the room so very well.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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