Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sometimes, a reminder is needed.  And I got one a couple days ago.

I wish I could say I was a person that recognized and appreciated blessings as they come my way.  Don't get me wrong, I DO see them and I DO know I am blessed, but I wish I could say that I was more appreciative of them on a more frequent basis...  like daily....  or hourly.

It seems that I am most likely to appreciate the blessings in my life when things don't go exactly as I had hoped.  I tend to stand back and admit that even though I didn't get this one, I see and appreciate the ones I DO get...  or have.

There are intangible things like love and honor and health and safety and faith and friendships.

Then there are tangible items like a warm, or cool, home and food and transportation and something to look forward to.


And then there are the blessings that are bestowed upon others and it spills over onto us.... 

like random acts of kindness (RAKs)and my family's health and the fur babies that came into my life.

Do you wonder why I included RAKs as someone else's blessings?  I believe that they are sharing the blessings they have.  In most cases, they do not personally know the recipient so its nothing that is pre-meditated...  thus, their blessings spill over onto someone else.

I continue to receive amazing blessings, and share some of my own....  old friends are back, family is as healthy as can be, love is abundant, and I am honored to host a holiday dinner for friends and family later this month. 

This holiday season, express your appreciation for the odd blessings that come into your life.  It just might be the blessing that someone else needs... it might just turn things around for someone... or it might just turn your life around.

They are everywhere, those blessings.  Don't just stop and smell the roses....  take a peek at your blessings too.

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