Friday, December 25, 2015

Pink??  or Flip Flops??  

It would be a toss up for me to decide which my mom would prefer most.   I guess it would depend upon which thing was in front of me when I had to decide.

I was shopping for some old sheets at a thrift store
- we needed the sheets to cover our plants during the infrequent soft freezes that Phoenix experiences - when I stumbled upon something I KNEW my mom would like.

I found the PERFECT Christmas tree for mom:  it was PINK... and it even had PINK lights.

Seriously, who knew they made PINK Christmas trees?

I showed this amazing item to the hubby, who laughed and confirmed that I would be buying it.

When I arrived home with my Christmas treasure, I dug through my Christmas ornament stash so see if I had anything to accompany this wondrous tree.   Lo and behold, I found several items that I thought would complement the tree well, including pink and turquoise ball ornaments, an angel tree topper, some garland, and some small gift boxes

I packed it up and sent it off to my mom...  and yes, she LOVES it!    

AND you can add this to the "you just never know what you will find at my brother's house".

and yes, I also took home some sheets to protect some of our more sensitive plants from possible freezes. 

It was a great day!

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