Sunday, October 25, 2015

I needed a diversion from some of the larger projects I have going so I went to a project that is ongoing; headbands tend to be a staple at craft fairs.  The look of headbands change with fads over time but they always remain in vogue as a fashion accessory.

It seems some items must be seen, touched, and even modeled... so I have not previously offered headbands in an online venue.  Plus, the little sparklies do not generally show well with an amateur (me) behind the camera.   We will see how it goes.

Each Headband measures approximately 32" long and 4" wide, thus, one size fits most. Soft, comfortable, and easy to wear. Not suitable for small children due to embellishments.

Additional headbands are maintained in stock at all times and there no two will ever be alike.

$10 each or 3/$25, plus shipping and $1 per total order s/h.  Paypal accepted.

In the future, you will find these under the "Offered for sale..." tab above.
The pattern is also available.

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