Monday, October 26, 2015

I was doing a little "late night and I can't sleep" shopping on our neighborhood's online garage sale site.  

A friend, whom I never met, had asked about velvet a week or so ago.  She needed some to make pumpkins. I like this friend a lot, again, I have never met her, but I can just tell she is good stuff.   Which is why she gets some of the velvet that I really don't want to get rid of.

So I let her know that I found it and would set some out for her because she wants to pick it up.  I am guessing she wants to make pumpkins similar to those pictured here as she wasn't concerned much with the colors I had.

Generally, we exchange items whenever I happen to drive her way as she seldom comes my way as part of her day.

I am always motivated to head her way for any reason as she is a steady supplier of trims and laces and geegaws (is that still a word for baubles?) for Angelgownsbyjacki.

Anyway, she is bringing a few things she has that I want and picking up my velvet and another item from me.   The COOLEST thing about this set up is that we just set them out for each other when we know someone is picking up.  No muss, no fuss, and no requirements to be dressed by 9am!!!  

But I am wondering....  should I arrange to be out there when she picks up the stuff???
or should I let us continue to be mysterious BFFs??  I can get completely dressed and ready for public viewing by 9 am ONCE, right?     

Any way, while I was shopping, I found some masonry paint and discovered that VALSPAR actually has a paint color named "dust bunny".    Seriously!!  the code is 2005-10B.
So I am wondering...  instead of cleaning under beds and behind doors, can I just say that I painted that whole area DUST BUNNY??

Serious cuteness from this wad of 'I hate to know what is really in there' but you have to give them points for creativity!!!

May your day be full of something, ANYTHING, cute!!!

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  1. Well, let me know so I can be ready for public viewing too. I was planning on a grungy stop