Saturday, October 17, 2015

All opinions shared here are considered the property of ME and are what I choose to believe.   Every day, I  commit to being better than the day before. I am not perfect....  far from perfect....  my goal is only to improve.  I am, after all, a work in progress.
Judgment creeps its way into all relationships... even the most intimate. Every now and then, you meet someone who can listen without criticism or reproach.
These, you call friends.   
 (paraphrased from the movie About Alex)
Beautiful Libra
I believe this to be a very good definition of a friend. 
However, I believe we are human and are very capable of making mistakes or experiencing errors in the "social graces" with no real malice intended. 
Are any of us perfect?    NO.  
Can we always make things right?   NO.  Sadly, no.
Should we still try?  YES, because its the right thing to do.
I also believe that, as humans, we can judge unfairly when WE have had a bad day or are unhappy in our OWN lives. I have experienced that a friendship can withstand this if there is sincere understanding between the friends.
I feel that criticism / reproach done behind one's back is the most damaging to a friendship. This method, regardless of the reason or motive, can effectively eliminate the opportunity for real understanding if those involved are unwilling or unable to open honest communication.  This begs the thought that the criticizing one does not desire, is unable, or even unwilling, to be your "friend".  In that case, one should ACCEPT THE HINT.
(NOTE:  I want to make it clear that I have, and will always, respect a friend who helps me consider that I might be heading down the wrong path.  I WANT friends that can discuss sticky subjects with me.... Over and over if I need it....  because Libras are slow to make a decision... we must be SURE.)
He's right.
Being a Libra, I feel the obligation to give everyone a fair chance, no matter the subject matter. 
I feel the obligation to give everyone the benefit of the doubt...  the opportunity to explain themselves....  on and on.
However, I am not sure why it seems that giving someone the chance to hurt us over and over and over is "giving a fair chance"?  
How many chances are "fair"?
And when, as Libras, do we give OURSELVES a "fair chance"?
With the gentle guidance and amazing support of friends over the last several months and with the thought from the movie, I have managed to clearly think through a lot of things that I have been struggling with for a long time.

I cherish my friends and I cherish my acquaintances.  But it is important to me to know the difference.

At last, I can put this to rest.


But just in case... 
 can I move my birthdate?

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