Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!   FINALLY!!!

The Gammill rep will be stopping by to chat...  and while he is here, he will be setting up my Optimum with Statler Stitch, a 14' table with hydraulics, and a light bar.  The space this monster, who I have fondly named George, is just over 5' deep and 15' in length.

My entire studio had to be flipped from one end to the other....  meaning that every single THING in my 700 square foot room had to be moved.....  every piece of furniture, every scrap of fabric, every pin, and even the wall decorations.  Even the fridge had to be moved to get everything arranged into a layout conducive to George, quilting, AngelGowns, and every thing else I do.

The area shown is, wall to wall, 10' x 19', and it will all be used for George, allowing space for a chair and to walk around it.  The light colored stand will be filled with threads, courtesy of the previous owners of George, once the machine is set up.

I did put my quilting sign back up and one "design wall", along with my cork board and a couple other little things.  I didn't want a bunch of stuff in the way while George is being put back together.  My hubby and son took it apart and they both commented that it was "$#@*#(@$* heavy" and if I was paying by the pound, I got a great deal!!!

After putting up one of my design walls (ok, its a flannel backed table cloth), I decided to de-thread it. I didn't get everything off but Holy Cats!  perhaps I should clean it a bit more often !!!  that's a lot of thread!!
The redo of my studio has managed to take about 2 months....  life, as it often does, got in the way.  
However, its been great as I used the time to do a few things that have been on my list for a long while! 
I collected entertainment centers and bookshelves in a similar style so everything kinda matches.  I repainted several items in the room to follow my long desired RED theme. I covered some of the doors in the entertainment centers with, of course, red fabric.  I added some red knobs to some of the cabinets, just for fun.  I took the time to organize, sort, and get rid of many things that do not fit in my hobby life these days. I may even paint a simple mural on the walls, quilting themed and in red of course....but we shall see.
Once George has taken up residence and the rest of the room gets put back into its assigned space, maybe I will share photos of my glorious studio.....
but I just couldn't WAIT to share my joy about tomorrow.  I may not sleep tonight!! 

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