Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What do you want on your Tombstone?

On a recent motorcycle trip to the south, we spent a few hours in Tombstone, Arizona.

It was just an hour or so from where we were staying and as neither of us had experienced Tombstone so we were anxious to meet "the town too tough to die".

Bungee Jumping Tombstone Style
(printed on a tshirt)
(I apologize that all photos were taken with my phone - no real cameras seem to have made the trip with us.)

Once parked, the first thing we saw was the fire station.  Of course, we had to have a photo of it...  and its old hose reel.

We wandered around, taking in the sites.
What would a "western" town be without a mining history?

There were several opportunities to ride in a stagecoach...

I loved the horses....

Even though I am retired, I still spot this famous name a mile away.

I even like their street signs! 

I was enamored with this sign...

 I giggled at some offered antiques...

And fed my latest photo LUV:  interesting or old doors and doorway!!

We did a little browsing in the shops...

 Admired the mode of dress for the locals....

Visited an old saloon...

But most importantly, we saw the boys on their way to the OK Corral for a re-enactment of their famous gunfight!!

It was a wonderful, but very short, few hours.

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