Sunday, April 12, 2015

Its about time Project #3.2

You may remember that we wanted to build a shade structure to protect our pool equipment from the damaging rays of the Arizona sun.

We considered our area and decided on an odd shape, but one that keeps the uprights out of the little wash and provides maximum shade.

We chose the angle, again, to allow maximum shade from the summer sun, allows room for repairs to the equipment, and hopefully, reduces the likelihood of a banged head on the structure itself (I will let you know later if we were successful on the hopeful elimination of head banging :).

We had purchased extra shade cloth fabric when we bought for our shade structure project...   but when it came time to use it on this project, it was no where to be found.  While chatting about it, DS overheard and let us know that it was at his house.  No wonder we couldn't find it.

The fabric was retrieved and installation was initiated!

We trimmed the fabric the approximate size and shape of our structure and laid it out, letting the sun soften it a bit.

We then used aluminum strips to screw through the fabric into the structure, pulling it taught as we worked our way from middle to edges.


We had predrilled the holes in the aluminum before we started to make things a bit easier. 

We used self tapping screws to secure the aluminum strips, through the shade cloth, into the structure to complete the attachment.

The stretching fabric, holding taught, screwing into the structure, and trying to keep the lines of the fabric somewhat straight was a bit like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time but the hubby and I persevered!

VIOLA!!! Its completed!!  well, except for cleaning up the mess :)

Another long awaited project DONE!

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