Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Good deeds are good for the deed-doer's heart

On our trip to Phoenix, Mom and I stopped for a late breakfast at a fast food place.  The breakfast sandwiches were 2 for $3 so mom ordered 2 of the sandwiches and I ordered a breakfast burrito.  

As we were eating, a man who appeared possibly homeless sat down at a table near us and searched through his pockets for money.   After carefully counting and recounting to make sure he had enough, he went to the register and ordered 2 of the breakfast sandwiches and a cup of coffee.  

I went up behind the gentleman and motioned to the clerk that I would pay for his breakfast.  After paying, I sat back down at our table to finish my breakfast.  I could hear him politely expressing appreciation to the clerk for what he may have understood to be a free breakfast.

Mom did not eat her 2nd sandwich so she offered it to the gentleman as we were leaving.   He graciously accepted it and indicated that he would like to give it to his dog who he said was tied outside.  We smiled and wished him a good day.  

Mom still had a cup of water in her hand as we neared the car...  then she saw the dog, who was waiting patiently while his friend ate breakfast inside the restaurant.

Mom offered the dog the cup of water, which he accepted and promptly drank. 

I believe that providing a helping hand to these two did far more for us than it did for them.

We pray for the best for the gentleman and his dog. 

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