Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A third... and fourth hand

My mom has never been the crafty type of person but has always seems very interested in getting involved in the crafting activities.

Bless her heart, she wants to help with everything.  Of course, I offered to make her a quilt - with her help, of course - but she is anxious to help with everything.  It is amazing how many little things I have that need some little thing done to complete them, once I started looking....

We discussed AngelGowns quite a bit as she straightened up the gowns and folded the blankets to ready everything to be shipped out.

Mom priced a bin of beanie babies that, when sold, 100% of the proceeds will be forwarded to the Make-a-Wish foundation

NOTE: I am very appreciative to Briar Patch Marketplace, the traveling market where I set up my stand and sell my wares, for gracefully waiving their normal commission fee on these particular items to allow the full sale amount to go to Make-a-Wish.

Mom priced some burp pads I had made while working on a custom order....  and a few other items that had patiently been waiting for her pricing skills.

She also worked, again, on denim circles.  She started cutting up jeans for me about a year ago and the project had been at a standstill since then.

I have made other denim rag quilts similar to this one...

But I have something different in mind this time.

I have about 6 bins of jeans that I have been collecting and saving for what seems like forever.   I trace 6 1/2" circles on the inside of the jeans and my mum, AKA my third and fourth hand, cuts them out and piles them up. 

We haven't counted but I figure she has already cut 100s of circles for me. (the water bottle is for scale)

I also saved other parts of the jeans for miscellany projects that may or may not strike my fancy in the future.

 But the goal for the denim circles is a Cathedral Window quilt.

I am actually pretty excited about this project.   I have been thinking about using civil war repos in the centers...  or maybe just scraps....  but I have plenty of time to decide.  I have about 10 other UFOs that need finished before I start another (said no quilter EVER)

Thanks, mom!!

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