Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cherished Surprises Held in a Box

You never know where an amazing story will be hiding...

My mom is visiting for a couple months and we went up to Cave Creek, AZ for breakfast.   The buffet included scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, sausage, bacon, crepes, and fruit.  Mom had never had a crepe before and is now a fan of them!

After breakfast, I offered mom a visit to a nearby thrift store, and as a true aficionado of thrift stores, she was gung-ho to shop!!

We wandered around the store and I picked up several items I thought would be fun...  or interesting...  or something for us to do together during the next several weeks.

I found an old box that I thought would work for a doll dresser. It was obviously handmade but had dovetailed drawers so I felt it was worth the price asked.  I was thinking I would "girly" it up and consider it a dresser for the American Girl size dolls.

And since Mom likes the stretchy bracelets, I found and decided to purchase a box of letters for them.

Hubby found some tools too.

As I was waiting to pay for my items, I studied my box a bit more....

The faceplates around the drawer knobs were set into the drawer, and obviously by hand.

The edges of the wood were all sanded smooth. 

Someone took a lot of time to create this box.

When it was my turn to pay for my treasures, one of the volunteers asked what price the box was marked as she had just recently donated it.  She said it had been her husband's cherished box and he had passed away not so long ago.  She said that she just couldn't keep everything.

I was hesitant to share the price as I didn't want to hurt her feelings but she said it was ok....  so I told her.

And she told me the story of the box.  Once I heard it, I asked her to write it down.

Her husband was an officer during WWII.  Either during or at the end of the war, they were "given" German POWs as what I can best describe as employees.  The box was made by the German POW for Lt Rycroft.

The box will NOT be used as a doll dresser, but will be cherished...  as her husband cherished it.

Oh, and mom left without purchasing anything...  she did find a couple things at the next thrift store though.

It was a great day !!

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