Friday, March 6, 2015

"its about time" project #2 and #3.1: House numbers and pool equipment cover

Our second installment of working on all those projects around the house that we were all gung-ho about doing....  and STILL want to do, but haven't gotten them done yet.  They had become a WAY too long list and we needed to actually do them.  Sadly, the items on the list are fairly beneficial (one way or the other) things...  not just a 'hang a different picture' type thing.

An extended illness and some back problems have kept me from getting the list whittled down...  actually its gotten longer.   <sigh>

Project #2:  Viable and Visable House Numbers

In Arizona, plan on it being hard to find addresses...    anywhere.  The wide open spaces seem to make the numbers that (may be) there, hard to see....  and the limited lights at night make the whole address finding thing even tougher.  

Our numbers were previously near the front door.   Not much good as one would have to leave the comfort of their car and walk up to the door just to find out that you may have the wrong house.

So we added numbers near the end of our driveway.  The are of normal size but the wide open spaces seem to have swallowed them up and they aren't really noticeable. 

The driveway side of the post around our courtyard seems to lend itself well to more numbers so the project was in place.  For those keeping track, we are now at the 2 year mark owing this house.

We drilled out and ground out the space for a set of numbers that we found in the garage when we bought the house but that go-around ended in a pile of dust at the foot of the post.  Note the three year mark.

Now we have a hole to fill.    So the search for new numbers began.   and progressed.....   slowly.

Then my cousin Colleen drew my attend to a booth that we were perusing at the Mesa Flea Market.  EUREKA!!  numbers!!!   after a bit of disappointment, hope, running around, and losing each other, we found the numbers I wanted.  I, oh so carefully, brought them home and placed them on the table ever so gently.

DH adjusted the opening a bit and gave me the responsibility of attaching them to the post.

It was about time....  and we are thrilled!   One more checked off the list !!!

Stop by and see our new numbers !!!

Project #3.1:
A shade cover for the pool equipment

Another long-time coming project.  The Arizona sun is a mixed blessing and we wanted to protect the costly pool equipment from the damaging rays.

We started with a very complicated and detail plan.  I did actually get a tape measure out to draw up these plans too!!

We also needed some tools.....

We wanted to keep the uprights out of the wash so we decided to go a little crazy on the design and create a shape that does not match the square-ness of the house, but gets the shade where it needs to be.

Its getting there!

And the frame is up, painted, and ready to be covered.  And I think the hubster is pretty proud of it, as he should be.  It looks perfect to me!!!

We choose this shape after much discussion....  Its triangular shape keeps the legs out of our little wash.   Its higher on the north side so that if work needs to be done on the equipment, someone can get under there.  Also, the center support is removable, if needed.   The lower brace on the south side (nearest the photographer) will provide the support for the lower edge of the sunshade fabric.

Covering the structure will be another installment (#3.2) and we will be doing more fun, and useful, projects to check off our list.

I wanted to include the door of the shed that appears in the background the above photo.  I just LOVE our upcycled door handle.  We found it at a flea market and I bugged the hubby until he went back and bought it.

Stay tuned for the next crazy thing we start working on !!

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