Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Baby burps everywhere!

I needed to finish an order of baby burps pads....   while I love making them, they DO make a big mess....    flannel....  terry....  its not a "neat" project.

So when I finally got to it, I decided to do it BIG!  I pulled what flannel I needed for the order, then a few more pieces that were ready to give their space in the stash pile up to go live with a baby.  I dug out the terry, went thru it, and pulled out the pieces and parts that were large enough for my needs. 

I did some preliminary cutting and pinning....  and still ended up with this sample of what was to come. 

Seriously, I think if you just IMAGINE a project with terry, these little thingies will show up, just so they know you are considering, carefully, what you are about to embark upon.

Since I went BIG, I decided to do it outside, but not too close to the pool.   The little terry thingies said they did NOT want to swim today.

I set myself up on the patio and started sewing...

and sewing...

Until I finished all that I had prepared.  Aren't they pretty?

I ran them through a fluff cycle in the dryer with a couple tennis balls to remove the last of the terry thingies....

  I swept up the patio, gathered up the trash.....

And sat back to enjoy the fruits of my labors...    I love this style...  not too big, not too small, shaped for the neck, long enough to cover the all important "over the shoulder" area, absorbent, and durable!

Now to ship the order of baby burp pads.  The rest will be offered at this year's craft shows.

What did you do today?

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