Sunday, March 1, 2015

A weekend with the kids!

I was so blessed to have the grandkids visit for the weekend.  It rained most of the weekend (unusual for our area) but we still managed to squeeze a lot of....

fun, extremely interesting conversations, lots of hugs and kisses, and memories of such funny faces!!!

We started with a surprise birthday party for 6 of the 8 attending....

<<< Strangely enough, it seems surprise parties cause the excessive growth of upper lip hair

This is his 2nd trip through the cupcake
and ice cream bar and
this little guy loved the blue icing! >>> 

<<< Even DH got involved in creating of personalized gastrointestinal treats, albeit in a more simple manner!

The kids staked out their rooms as soon as the party was over....  

babies in the girls' room >>

<<< and well, then there was the boys' room.

We made beef and noodles over mashed potatoes, Midwest style.  YUMMMM!

We had spa time every day.... >>>

<<< and time for a variety of card games and board games.
   (look that those crazy hard letters a 7 year old drew.  We let the poor guy pick extra letters but it really didn't get better for him.)

We tried meatball subs, which were a hit with everyone, and surprisingly easy.

We had 'drive-in' night with Big Hero 6 on the "big screen" on the patio.   Snacks and popcorn for everyone and blankets and pillows were in order as it was a bit cool. >>>

I pushed the envelope with creamy potato soup on Sunday with only one 'thumb's down' but as its one of my favorites,  that left more for me!

<<<<  There was an exhaustion causality Sunday afternoon but she awoke from her nap bright eyed and ready to go!

It was a very special weekend for me.  Thank you to all involved.

Even with the driveway art to cherish, it is always hard to say goodbye.

But I will get to spend more time with them soon!

And I am already planning something fun!

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