Monday, December 29, 2014

Crazee Requests

My family is odd...  there, I have said it.

For example:  One of the things the grandkids requested as their Christmas gift this year was trick-or-treat bags. They said their old 'store bought' bags were a bit worn.

Yes, I said they want Halloween bags for Christmas.  Odd, right?  But seriously, they are such sweeties to ask me to make them something.

So, gramma said yes, as grammas do.

I asked for one of the old trick-or treat bags since there is no reason to reinvent the wheel.  The old ones were flannel with felt glued on the front...  so they should have been a fast project, even making four of them.

My kids, when they were the ages of the grandkids, begged me to NOT make them Christmas gifts.  My kids did get over it and are appreciative of handmade gifts but as kids, they seemed to prefer store bought shiny things.

The inspiration!

I dig out my Halloween fabric and just stare at it.  I wasn't feeling it.  After all, it was the season of CHRISTMAS - Baby Jesus, snowmen, angels, snowflakes, Christmas trees, gaily wrapped packages, reindeer, and other fluffy things.

I keep staring.  Something will hit me, right.   Then I spy 2 Halloween panels for aprons.  Huh!  Maybe........

(should have taken photos of the aprons before I started, right?  huh!  didn't do it.)

I started cutting and piecing....  and here is where I began thinking that I could have just done a simple bag with appliqued pumpkins or something on the outside...  

but nooooooooo, not me.  I just can't do it that easy.   So, I think about 20 hours later, here is what I had.

Frankie with "Happy Haunting"

They really were
 fun to make.
I have limited artwork to use and since
2 are for girls and
2 for boys,
I tried to mix it up.

Witch with "Happy Haunting"
The witch, her cat, and her spiders.
 I will let them choose "witch" one they want.

 I even found 4 ORANGE luggage tags
to attach
to the bags
so if the bootie gets lost,
it can be
returned to
its rightful owner.
Merry Christmas to the kiddos.

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