Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Because you know, I'm all about them birds... about them birds, about them birds.... no trouble!

I had previously mentioned that I stuffed pillows with my sewing scraps and donated them to the Animal Rescues around town.  It was a project that wasn't really close to my heart (not that I don't LOVE animals) as it didn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling.... so to do it so it was a challenge.  I just didn't remember to save the scraps.

I also previously mentioned that I am all wild and crazy for hummingbirds.  I had a hummingbird feeder...  then 3 - but they are those plastic jobbers:  red base with yellow flower looking feeder holes.  The honey bees drove me NUTS.  The feeders seem to seal tight, then slowly start leaking, and the hummingbirds, NUTS.

I needed a new plan....  Hummingbirds were unhappy because they couldn't get to the feeder...  literally 100s of bees were sucking the nectar off and out of the feeders. Fortunately, they were not aggressive.  Why, you ask?  Because they were fat and full and slow from sucking all that nectar!!!

I found these metal/glass hummingbird feeders at my local big box hardware store.  It looked like they would eliminate my peeves so I took out a 2nd mortgage and got two of them.   

of freaking expensive hummingbird feeder: 
Hate to say it but well worth the money. 
Does not leak. 
Bees can't get in. 
May have to get more when I win lottery

Just to the right of the top half of the Shepherd's fork, you will see a suet feeder hanging from our gaxebo. 

I put all my thin strips, threads, and tiny bits of batting in it for birds to use in their nests. 

I always make sure the pieces are no bigger than what I think a bird can carry.  If too big, I lay them out on my cutting mat and rotary over the
pile in different directions to cut them up.

I get so excited looking at the nests and "I Spy"ing past quilting or sewing projects.  Looks like these birds prefer batting over snippets of fabric.

Don't forget about our furry, and feathered, friends this holiday season.
Happy Holidays!

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