Monday, December 29, 2014

As the Turtle Rolls - Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt #3

Its time for another installment of As the Turtle Rolls on my Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt.  The turtle is still in the "race".  Today's status is as follows:

Clue 1:   100 blocks completed

Clue 2:   100 blocks completed
Clue 3:   120 blocks completed

Clue 4 is almost completed.
Clue 5 is not yet started but should be quick as its only 29 blocks total, so I can get them done before Friday, when the next clue is published.

lol - that's how I roll...  or turtle along, I guess is the more appropriate term.  

Bonnie Hunter is known for her scrappy quilts.  I am not.  I always struggled with scrappiness as I was too matchy matchy for a real scrappy quilt.  But about 2 years ago, I attended my first Bonnie Hunter lecture and, because I am tall, helped hold the quilts for her lecture.  As I am holding these quilts, I am, of course, getting an up close and personal view of the quilts.

As I am looking at the fabrics, I literally announce loudly, "there are Christmas fabrics in this quilt!".  Graciously, Bonnie laughed and explained that fabric is fabric.... it is NOT Christmas fabric, it is GREEN fabric...  or RED fabric. 

Since that lecture, I have tried to relax my matchy nature to achieve a Zen-like freedom to create a truly scrappy quilt.   Here are some of the blocks completed so far.

For your viewing pleasure, below are close-ups of some of the NON-matchy, scrap busting, fabrics I am using.  Yes, I have come a LONG way, baby!

Can you find these fabrics in the sample blocks above?   
There are also fabrics representing motorcycles, fighting robots, musical notes, quilting terms, cherries, and lots of other fun stuff...   Almost "I Spy" like.

pincushions and thread
Christmas themed fabric
tea pots and cups
constitutional  print




Stretch your boundaries...  there is a big world out there.

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