Saturday, September 27, 2014

When good men do nothing, evil triumphs.

Ever heard of BACA ?

You may have HEARD them but not heard of them.

You may have SEEN them but not knew who they were.

You may have FELT their presence, but not known why they were there.

They are, for lack of a better description, a large group of big, scary, mean looking, leathered, loud, hairy, bunch of intimidating guys on big, loud, fast, chromed, motorcycles.   Riding together, they cause reaction in almost everyone.  Many might feel a bit nervous if they rode up your street and stopped in front of your house.  Many might even close their curtains and lock their doors, dialing 9-1 on their phone, just in case there is trouble.  Many would not feel safe in their midst.

But what if you were one of them?  What if they were 100% on your side?  What if they were tender and gentle with you?  What if you could walk up to any one of them and pull their beards and they laughed? or if you asked to wear their vest and it was placed on your shoulders oh, so gently?

If you were a child of abuse or if you have truly talked with anyone who suffered abuse as a child, you will appreciate... and respect...  what BACA  is all about.

BACA , or Bikers Against Child Abuse, is there for the kids... to protect the kids... to make the kids feel secure when someone is hurting them...  to stand up in court for the kids who have lived their whole lives intimidated by someone bigger then themselves. BACA members bring these scared kids into their family and make them members of their group.  And we all KNOW that you do not mess with a biker cuz the other bikers will get mad..  and they are scary when they aren't mad.  You just don't mess with them.  But what if you, as an abused child, were one of those bikers...  part of their family... Would you feel safe?

What if you were an abused child, feeling scared, and you called your new "family" any time, day or night, and you looked out the window in the middle of the night and there they were, their motorcycles parked on the street in front of your house, and they wave at you and blow kisses? Would you feel safe?  

What if you had to go into a courtroom and tell the judge about the terrible and painful things someone had done to you... and the person that did those horrible things was right there in that room with you.  Would you be afraid?  But what if those big mean hairy bikers that blew you kisses were in that courtroom with you?  What if your biker family was there to protect you?  Would you feel safe? 

That's what BACA is all about.  Their motto is "We won't give up, shut up, or let up until we have showed up for all wounded children..." and I would have given anything to have them with me when I faced something scary.


Visit for all current chapters.
If you are looking to start a chapter, please send us a private facebook 
message.On October 11, 2014, BACA  is having their 6th Annual Arizona Awareness Ride.  The ride starts at the Chandler Harley Davidson with registration ($10) starting at 8am and breakfast served by Foothills HOG Chapter.   

Will you step up?

Information regarding the Awareness Ride is available at Chandler Harley Davidson, by sending an email to, or by contacting Nytro at 602-722-3547.

I expect to see you there!  You DON'T want me to get my big, scary, mean looking, leathered, loud, hairy biker friend after you ! :)

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