Friday, September 26, 2014

Tattoo, anyone?

For over 10 years, I wanted a tattoo.... the same tattoo....  never changed my mind.  However, life did force me to alter it a bit.

I have two sons and I always wanted two roses on my right front hip area.  Two sons and two roses.  When my sons started giving me grandchildren, I still wanted the two roses, but decided I would have as many leaves on each son's rose as they have children. But I was still in the planning stage.

A friend came to Arizona to visit and, having gone to school here, knew all the BEST places to get a tat.  Why not?  Hubby was pretty much against defacing my body but I forged ahead.

We arrived, explained what we wanted, and were given estimates.   After a little mulling, we decided to go for it.   EXCEPT!...  I didn't have my ID with me.

My friend got started as she was getting a large tattoo on her back.   I waited while hubby drove ALL the way home, picked up my ID and drove all the way back.   While I was waiting, my tat guy left.  So there I was with ID, frustrated hubby, $ to spend, a tattoo in mind, and no tattoo guy.  Some guy had been roaming around while we were there...  turns out he was like a rock star tattoo artist.   He agreed to do my tat for what the underling was going to charge.

I don't have problems with needles so I didn't think it was be a huge problem. 

I think I am good to go...  Let me recap:
  • I don't have problems with needles
  • I have my ID
  • Hubby is on board.  
  • Its a price I can afford!
  • I LOVE the rough drawn image
  • the tat artist is an award winning artist. 
What can go wrong?

Let me just say that between the location I chose for the tat and the fact that I have fibromyalgia, getting a tattoo hurt like you can't imagine.  I would rather give birth again.

BUT, I got through it.  The tat is just over 2" wide and just under 2" tall....  and I absolutely LOVED it... and still do.

And just like giving birth, I have forgotten how much it hurt....  because I am thinking about doing it again.

I have been collecting images...  and you will probably sense a theme....

I "get" this one but not really something I would consider.

Can't do green...  sorry.

Gorgeous, but for a tshirt, not a tat.
You gotta give her credit, she is passionate about her craft !!

I like it but the placement kinda bothers me.
simple...  but maybe too much so....
LOVE...  but too big for me.
LOVE, but again, for a tshirt, not a tat.
With a little color, this could be a winner.

If I were to go tat crazy, this would be on the short list!
nope...  not this one.....

like... but not for me...

Again.... LOVE but on a tshirt. 
I see this and think OWIE!!!
The good thing about this one is that
no one has to get too close to read it.

now this one is right up my alley!!!

maybe right size, maybe right message!
just sneak a little more color in!!!

 May your day be filled with happy thoughts and colors!!!

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