Saturday, July 26, 2014

What makes a person happy?

I have read that a person needs 3 things to be happy: 

       Something to love...
     Something to do....
     And something to look forward to....

I give you symbols of some extremely random things that make me happy.

The bonding with, and trust of, family and friends.
A previously distant 2nd cousin trusted me to make a burlap ring bearer pillow for her wedding.
She is now an extremely cherished member of my family.
This is NOT the pillow that will be gifted to the couple, no photos prior to wedding out of respect for ABC.
My husband's gift of service to others
A display I made for DH's badges.
Seeing a bit of America
A map we are using to mark record our trips.
Spending time on the back of the HD
Our new Harley Davidson.

Learning new things, skills, and arts
Our welder that I am anxious to try out.

Hearing wonderful stories about my family's past
A hubcap from the 49 3/4 ton Dodge pickup that my grandfather purchased new.
It is still in the family and was gifted to me.
Service to others in a way that truly touches my heart
( )

There are so many other things....  but the alive, breathing things that give me happiness could not possibly be sufficiently represented here so I will stick with sharing only inanimate symbols of my just SOME of my blessings.

I am a happy woman!

Do you know what you need to be happy?

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