Saturday, July 26, 2014

What a difference a day makes....

(Bonnie Hunter's Playing with Jacks pattern,
which can be found on her Quiltville blog)

Yesterday, this is how my Playing with Jacks* quilt looked... 

I was thrilled with the layout and how the colors were coming together. 

I was sure I would want to re-arrange some of the blocks to spread out the colors before too much longer..... but to me, its just stinking CUTE!!

Just 24 hours later.... this is where I am.

And I am seriously in love with it.  I still may re-arrange the color rows but its such a HAPPY quilt.

The blue looks a little strong but I love it anyway!!!

Another day or so and I should have all the blocks pieced.... unless I decide to bump it to a queen or king sized quilt. :)

* (believe it or not, I am completely unable to type the word "Jack" without wanting to add an "i" at the end)

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