Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Next "Leader/Ender" quilt

While working on a wedding quilt and three quilt blocks to donate to quilts made for those undergoing chemo treatment, I completed over 60 of the 9-patch blocks from my scrap bag.   You can see the Oh, Susannah blocks I made on my Service to Others page.

I love making the 9-patch blocks as they are completely therapeutic and uses up tons of strips, odds, and ends.

The squares will be used in a pattern called Rick Rack Nines by Bonnie Hunter's book Adventures with Leaders & Enders

I can not believe how quickly they pile up when you are not paying attention.

I have only about 250 left to make but I it won't take long...  after all, I completed 60 in 2 days of concentrated sewing on other projects.

It will be my first quilt to be completely scrappy and without thought to color, value, or placement.

A bed somewhere is impatiently waiting for its quilt!!!

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