Friday, July 25, 2014

Playing with Jacks Quilt

I started this quilt LOOOONNNNGGG ago but hated the way it was going.  I didn't get too far before I figured it out, thank goodness, and switched gears.

I started on it again and a friend made a couple suggestions, which I realized was right on the mark.  This project took a few more turns on the "back burner" in the last year but as I loved the way it was going, it was not forgotten.

I haven't felt well the last week or so but needed something not too involved to work on so I dug this one out.

The blocks finish at 6" and I think I want to do a bed size quilt so I will need a lot of blocks.  The quilt has a sincerely happy feel and was a good one for me to work on this week.  

Obviously, I have more blocks to complete.  I am considering the layout in lines with random turns rather than straight lines, diamonds, or squares.  I haven't made the decision yet but I am very happy with this effect.

The pattern is Playing with Jacks by Bonnie Hunter and can be found on her blog, free of charge.

And!!!!   I have completed 100 of the 9-patch scrap blocks for my Rick Rack Nines quilt.  They are moving right along and are really completed without my even noticing! 

 May there be a surprise at the end of your day too.

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