Friday, July 11, 2014


I have already had a great day playing and feeding my need to create and its only non!! 

As you may know, we are selling a house.  We staged the house for the realtor's photos but are now packing things away to take to the other house. 

Here is the realtor's version of the scene of the creative fun!

I had used a card table for the table and hated it.  It was too low and LOOKED like a card table. 
I had found, believe it or not, a gray shower curtain, trimmed it to size, and used it for the table cloth. I used a piece of black fabric that I was using for miscellaneous decorative touches around the house for a topper.  I had then made a centerpiece from (again) stuff lying around waiting to be throw away or donated.  (more on that later....)

I wandered around the bits and pieces of stuff still in the garage and saw our old washtub on a handmade base. 

I wanted to keep the tub but didn't want the base. 


I knew I had some shelving that was yet to be loaded.  We had several shelves so I was willing to sacrifice 2 of them.  

An idea was well on its way to...  well, something.  I still wasn't sure how it was going to work.

Oh HUBBY!!...  Could you help me??  (DH saw the pile of stuff and rolled his eyes)

We started by digging up some screws, a level, and a tape measure.  Remember that almost EVERYTHING has already been packed and loaded.

We found enough of everything that would serve our needs.

I cleaned the parts and peices up and we leveled the base (no easy task) with the few tools we could get our hands on.   We then screwed the 2 shelves onto the top of the base.

I had (fortunately) kept out the previously used black fabric...  it can dress up things in addition to people.  :)  I covered the base with the black fabric, nailing it into place.  I used the eyeball measuring technique and then ripped the fabric to fit.

I then re-ripped the gray (shower curtain) tablecloth and the black topper and centerpiece.

I put a piece of shelf liner gripper stuff under the tablecloth as it wanted to slip around a lot.

I love the table...  but now I hate the chairs. 

However, my DH has probably been pushed into my creative obsessions as far as I can today.  The chairs may get a piece of the black on them as a trim but DH can feel relief that this particular project is over.

The card table is now loaded and ready to move.

Now the centerpiece...  Disclaimer: one COULD be embarrassed about how this went together...  but I am not.

It is what it is.  But what it is NOT, is safe for a burning candle.  This arrangement is NOT intended for a burning candle.  I would INSIST that you use battery operated candle in an arrangement of this type.  I put a real candle in the arrangement, not to use but because I enjoy the scent.

And once again, I forgot to take photos of the before and during...  but you will get the idea of the process.

I used a ceramic planter that is elevated on a base.  I cut a circle of corrugated cardboard larger than the opening of the bowl.  I cut a straight line in the cardboard from the outer edge to the center of the circle.  I tucked the cut edges of the cardboard behind each other to form a kind of flat cone that would fit into the opening and taped it securely. 

I pushed it into the opening of the bowl.  In the first photo, I pulled the cardboard up so you could see it.

I hot glued a candle bowl in the center of the cardboard.  You can see the cardboard under the candle bowl and you can see the cut I made in the cardboard circle - its in the lower left under the candle bowl.

Flowers I had left from miscellaneous projects and were headed to a donation bin where hot glued onto the cardboard. 

I glued the leaves on last as they can fill in spots you feel are bare or can offer balance to the arrangement.

I always remember to consider balance and vary the heights of the flowers to create added interest.

I added a candle and VIOLA!!!   I would NOT actually burn the candle and the arrangement is NOT safe for a burning candle.  Please consider safety when making an arrangement of this type.

I am really happy with the arrangement considering I found all the parts in a pile headed for the trash.

And since I like it.....

I took lots of photos.

Enjoy your day and consider what you throw away each day.  Is it really trash?  Donate it...  to Goodwill, Salvation Army, mother's safe houses, church groups....  find a way to REUSE, RECYCLE, or RECREATE!!

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