Friday, June 6, 2014

So many distractions!

I have been pretty quiet lately...  for good reason.  We have wanted to sell our 2nd home for a while but family wanted to try house-sharing.  Probably not a huge surprise that it didn't work well...  twice.  We were warned by so many people to not allow family to house-share with us.  But
we really thought we were doing the right thing for them...  and for us.

Long story, short, we are selling it - no family need apply :)

I may sound harsh but both attempts (one from his side, one from mine) had far reaching and very uncomfortable consequences for us.  As they say, "We tried it, bought the t-shirt, didn't like it, and we do NOT need to do it again."

So I have been painting, touching up, sorting, donating, selling, and being very tired for the last 7 days.  The realtor stopped today to discuss the house and what we are doing with it and we will be listing very soon.

Larry, the contractor, repaired a couple drywall areas today that were bad when I moved it but (embarrassed) just hadn't gotten to it yet.  The new roof,  added insulation in attic, new bathroom in basement, spiffing up the basement, tiling the kitchen floor, replacing sewer pipe to street, etc, etc, caused the drywall issue to slip down on the list.  Before Larry left, he commented that this is a really nice house so I am hopeful that other people think so too.

Anyway, hopefully, by Wednesday, we will be back to our previously scheduled vacation plans and wait for the realtor to do her magic.

And. yes, I brought a sewing machine with me... ( and bought one while I was here).    I have also been collecting wedding dresses for AngelGowns in between brush strokes and cleaning.  I am in possession of 7 dresses and I am scheduled to pick up 3 more!!!  Friends, and friends of friends, have been extremely generous with their wedding dresses and I am so very anxious to get started.  Regretfully, I did not bring all I needed to work on AngelGowns while I am here.

I am taking a break over the weekend to attend 2 gatherings with friends on Saturday and a breakfast with a very good friend on Sunday...  then back to work on the house.  (Where DID all those dust bunnies and weeds come from?  lol)

Its a good thing I love to paint...  and I still have a tiny bit to do on the DragRacing quilt but will have it completed by my June 10th deadline.... and I have 2 other quilts that I brought to piece.

No worries, I will stay busy...  but hopefully, next week's "busy" will not be as strenuous as this week's busy. I have lots of friends to see, things to do, and I fully intend to rest a bit (while I am quilting, of course!)

I will post pictures of the fruits of our labors soon :)

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