Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I can buy a WHAT????

We started out taking a little vacation..... but after we left the house and before we arrived at our destination, our plans took a huge turn... 

We have decided to sell our 2nd home.  We have wanted to do it for quite a while but, well..  it was one of those family things.

The plan change came with very little warning.  On a Monday, we were headed for vacation.  On Tuesday, we decided to sell the house.  Due to occupants in the house, we couldn't start preparations to list the house until Saturday morning.    By Saturday, the house was peaceful and quiet and ready for us to get started.

So the cleaning and painting and repairing and selling stuff and moving furniture began.
The car sold in 3 days...  I traded the gas grill for a red and white quilt and pillow...  I sold a hose reel and a fuse box..  and some kid toys...  but I have lots more to sell.  But!!!  I need to get the painting done as its our goal to list it on Monday.

But I am really kind of excited about selling it.  I felt I needed to hold onto it for a while but I am ready to sell!  I know it will be like the car and I will be sad to see it go...  but it needs to happen.

Plus....  DRUM ROLL PLEASE, once its sold, I will be buying a new longarm quilting machine !!

But what kind to get???  I need help!!!!

But seriously~~ how exciting is this?

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