Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nary a Swiffer to be found!

What is a girl to do when she has wood floors to clean and no Swiffer?  Not even a vacuum cleaner!!

...She could buy a Swiffer...  but the house she is cleaning will be sold and she only needs it to get the house ready to sell.  And she doesn't need one at her other house so to buy one would be a waste.
...She could borrow a Swiffer... but who borrows a Swiffer?
...She could steal a Swiffer...  but she does NOT agree that Orange is the new Black.

What to do????  what does she already have that will work similar to a Swiffer on wood floors???

This girl has been known to be called Martha MacGyver as she can be pretty ingenious around the house....  if it needs to be done, some basic tools, junk around the house, and some Yankee ingenuity will get it done.

A HA!!!  We have a large squeegee for cement floors!

Its leading edge is rubber so it will slide along the floor...  no marks, no scratches.  It won't leave a lot of stuff behind like a broom.  And we already have one!

As I was testing the squeegee on the wood floor, I noted that it worked better pushing it rather than pulling.  If I pulled it, I had to hold it at a different angle.

To the right is a photo of the pile of debris that the squeegee found for me.   Darn good, right?

However, I could still feel stuff on the floor when I walked on it with my bare feet.

So...  since I am a total novice on using a squeegee on anything other than glass and on furniture to remove cat hair*, I decided it was operator error and I would go over the floor again.

In the photo to the left, the upper pile is the first go 'round and the bottom pile is the 2nd.

After the 2nd trip, the floor felt great on my bare feet, which is my normal "litmus" test.  If my feet don't stick, don't crunch, and don't get dirty, the floor is clean.

After the squeegee cleaning, I washed the floor on hands and knees with Murphy's Oil Soap** (there was some left from cleaning up paint) and a soft cloth.  The floors are simply GORGEOUS. 

It seems there is nothing better than the smell of leather and horse, the sound of an old Harley, and the look of a nice wood floor.  And the look of a finished quilt.  And the smell of a baby.  And the laugh of a good friend.  And the freedom from pain from being in the pool.  And the sound of the cracking open of a can of soda.  ok.....  enough!  :)

FYI, the color of the floor is closer to the 2nd photo.  Unsure why they are so different but it was the same floor.

Oh, the asterisks!!!  I almost forgot!
*A squeegee for pet hair??   yep it works.  Use a spray bottle to lightly spray water on the area, then squeegee off.  Have a slightly damp paper towel to clean off the squeegee and then go back in for more hair!!
** Did you know that Murphy's Oil Soap is super duper awesome for removing paint from wood floors (should you accidently drip), woodwork (should you accidently slop) oh, so many things, including paint brushes (should you forget to wash them out immediately)?  Just soak the paint brushes and then wash the oil out.  Almost like brand new!!

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