Sunday, June 1, 2014

Little girls and hearts

I was asked me to make a toddler quilt for Bryanna about a year ago.... but I pooh-poohed that idea and went straight to twin size.  Good thing too...  Bryanna just gave up her toddler bed and is now in a big girl twin bed.

Little Bryanna lives in Colorado where the nights can get pretty cold, so I decided to use flannels.  And since Bryanna is already a shoe diva - all in pastels - I went with something to match her shoes....  how could I go wrong?

Bryanna is loved, and spoiled, by a legion of brothers, caregivers, family members, and last, but not least, her daddy.

So it was fitting that my mom, her gramma and one of the aforementioned spoilers, help with the quilt.  While we were working on it, we talked about sewing memories..... 

Back in the day of polyester knit EVERYTHING, Mom would buy the fabric and the Pepsi (my price for sewing her stuff all night), and we would sit up half the night sewing pants for her to wear to work.  I would do the machine sewing, (and here is the best part) throwing the strings and scraps on the floor, and she would clean up the mess and do the hand sewing.  We laughed and laughed through it all - I think I felt closest to my Mom during those times.  All the other kids were in bed and we had time to talk and share and laugh and just be together.

I think Mom had those pants in about every color -  you may remember what I am talking about...  those early 70s polyester bell bottomed pants with the sewn crease down the front.  If you do remember them, I am sure you either laughed out loud or had a shiver run down your spine!

Anyway, I had finished the quilting and attached the binding on this twin quilt so all that was left was to stitch the binding down on the front of the quilt. 

With my Mom's help. we got it done!.

My trademark" is to always have red in the quilt someplace and on this quilt, I placed some red stripe fabric on each side of the label.

And yes, the quilt is kitty tested and Freeway approved.

I hope she loves it.  I will see her in about a month to give it to her.

May you always keep something to look forward to.


  1. Great Memories Jacki and a Very Pretty Quilt, I'm sure she will love it!

    1. thank you BJ!! Ann's quilt was my inspiration.