Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Quilting one HOT quilt!

I completed the top for this commissioned tshirt quilt recently.  I have not quilted enough on my midarm to feel proficient but I have to get it quilted.... deadlines and all that.

And since I can't say I am a professional quilter, I decided to go for broke and do something really crazy.

...go ahead, raise your hand if you are shocked :)

I didn't want to do stipple or lines or QID or any of that boring stuff and it seems that pantograph are as much work as anything else (maybe I am doing them wrong) so I went to the drawing board...  literally.

What WOULD one quilt on a drag racers quilt?  They don't use checkered flags...  whats left?

TA DA!! (you knew that was coming!)

Flames!!!   yes, Flames.... 

I practiced on a white board with lots of trial and error...  a lot of error.   These flames are much harder than I expected.  I would get going ok then lose my place and it would start looking like a tree or something.

More practice... then I got my chalk pen out and drew some flames on the quilt.

I won't say they are perfect...  or even good...  and they are not without stitches that could resemble a moment of "lost" but I am sure proud of them.

And just in case you were wondering....  yes, I did rip out a few that looked A LOT like trees.


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