Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I have seriously gone crazy.

... And I blame it on not using a sewing machine in WEEKS!!

The bathroom in the house we are getting ready to sell is painted (IMHO) an adorable light aqua color - almost, but not quite, the retro aqua color.  My original plan was to do white tile with black grout in that bathroom, but, well, I didn't get to it.  

So I am looking at the walls, and the white shower curtain, and some black towels I was thinking about putting in there and wondering what I could do to pull them all together.   For a couple days, I contemplated this problem (Libras are particularly good at long term contemplation).

I suddenly remembered a ruffled blouse that had all the colors I needed...  and three green photo frames. They were all in a box destined for Goodwill.....  I dug around, found the blouse and frames.....  I am ready....  but for what?

Since I had three frames, I decided to treat each one individually and (GASP!!) not put photos or pictures in any of them.  The first one, I just wrapped with 2"-3" strips of the gauzy fabric.  For the most part, I secure the ends on the back of the frame.  The very last strip, I let the end stay on the front and secured it and fluffed it up.

I don't know that I am done with it but I set it aside.

The next frame, I painted a white with a touch of the aqua paint in it so it was not crisp white - I thought it blended with the colors in the fabric better.  I had pulled a ruffle off the neckline of the blouse and glued it around the corner, covering 1/2 of the frame.

The last frame, I painted with the white/aqua paint and covered the cardboard insert with the fabric, pulling it into a swirling design and allowing it to be 3 dimensional.

I think this one is my favorite.

I still had ruffles left so I used a strip of the ruffles as a tie back for the shower curtain. 

It needed more so as a last crazy act in this bathroom, I glue the remaining ruffles around the face of the clock I keep in there (even with a clock in the bathroom, I was still always late for work).

The "curtain" is the other 1/2 of the decorative shower curtain and has been hanging there getting auditioned.

I decided I will go ahead with it and will put a casing in the curtain today (YAY...  I get to sew).

I will hang the black towels and fluff everything before showing the house.

Surprisingly, Jerry doesn't think I went overboard...  lol.  I think that means he is finally "getting" me.

May you have people in your life that "get" you!

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