Thursday, June 26, 2014

Floor Quilting!!! its the NEW fad.

We had a couple rooms that we wanted to carpet. 

Of course, our first thought as DIYers was to buy some carpet on a roll and do my magic carpet trick to cut it and then manhandle it into place.  That would be easy, right?

But its just never easy with me.

As we were wandering around looking at our options, I spied these carpet tiles!! 

Carpet tiles with HST (half square triangles) of different colors (they are at the top left in the photo)  WOOHHOOOO...  I get to do some "quilting".

And if I was actually LOOKING at my hubby when I started down this path, I am SURE he was rolling his eyes...  but to his credit, he just let me go :).

Like a good girl, I did all my other "chores" before playing with layouts.

NOTE: Due to the nap, the color of some of the tiles looks different than in others.

I was having a BALL
since I hadn't been able to
use a sewing machine in weeks!!!
Even "carpet quilting"
must be Freeway approved.
For the bedroom, I needed a layout that was 5 rows wide. While I kinda loved this layout, I couldn't 5 rows in a way that I liked.

Tiles are not trimmed into place here so lines are off.

Due to the nap of the carpet tiles, just standing in a different place makes the colors look so different.

The bedroom is ready for furniture!!

The laundry room is done, too! 
There is tile around the washer and dryer. 
The walls are white and the cabinets and trim are gray.

**Thank you to cousins CB and MI for the generous use of their vacuum cleaner.

May your day also be fulfilling!

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