Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Too Damned Many Rodeos

DH and I had some errands to run today so, while out, we stopped at a restaurant that I (on purpose) went by when I (on purpose) turned down an alternate (on purpose) road to go around the block to get to where we needed to be.  

The restaurant looked fairly new in that there wasn't a huge crowd at a normal lunch hour and that it was very clean...  very clean, save the glass shattered all over the floor, a door with no glass in it, and a guy working on the door.   

We sat down and waited for a server.   She arrived with menus, silverware, and a request for our drink order.   During the exchange, we asked about the door.   She said they had been broken into over the night, which we figured as there were 2 very large empty spaces on the walls where tvs might have fit.

It was one of these kinda fibro days where every noise seemed amplified so I asked if we could sit outside.  I risked the fumes from the parking lot and street but I took that chance - we could always move back inside.

While outside, another guy arrived and was helping the door guy.  We chatted a bit and discussed the break-in.  The new arrival was actually the insurance guy and he said that they broke the window in the door, got in, took the 2 tvs, and left....   all in 45 seconds.  

We all looked rather impressed (in a bad, go to prison, way) and the insurance guy said it wasn't their first rodeo.

But there's GOOD NEWS....  They have it all on the security camera.  

As we left, I told him I would help by looking for large tvs with a distinct restaurant smell when I was looking through craigslist :). 

And is it really any easier to do what they are doing than getting  a job and buying their own crap.   Those tvs aren't that expensive anymore and selling them used can't bring that much money.  Or is my head in the sand?

I hope this is their LAST rodeo....  OR if they get caught and go to prison, maybe there will be a whole different kind of rodeo for them.  

Is it bad that I feel that way?   I will have to do a little soul searching on that one.

In the meantime, don't buy any smelly used tvs.

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