Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Cleaning....

ok, I probably do spring cleaning different than about 99.9% of the people.   But its not my fault...  I get distracted.  Its a real life process and its really kind of interesting when you break it down. 

Lemme give you an example...

Say I want to clean out a large bookshelf....  this will end up being a weekend job for me. 

1)  I would start by cleaning of one shelf...  most likely the bottom one so I can sit on the floor to do it.  As I take the stuff off the bottom, I make piles:
- to go back on the shelf.
- to go in the trash
- to recycle (which can include repurposing, selling, or actual going into the recycle bin)
- to put in its proper place (another room, another shelf, another building, another person's home - like a borrowed book)

2)  I would dust the shelf and the items getting returned to the shelf, and then place those items back on the shelf.

3) By this time, I need either a drink or to use the restroom, so I get up and, to be efficient, grab a pile that goes in the general direction of my destination.  I set these things down, do what I need to do, then have a conversation with DH...  or the cats...  or remember that I need to call someone...  so I do that.    I then return to the bookshelf.

4)  I clear off the 2nd shelf, repeating steps 1 and 2.   I am on a roll and have resolve to get this done so I can quilt!!

5) I remember the pile I set down in set 3, grab the pile from the 2nd shelf that goes in about the same area, then swing by where I left it and take both piles to their destination.

6) As I am putting piles from shelf 1 and 2 away, I see things that do not belong where this pile goes...  so I pull out the stuff that's there, dust the area and the stuff, and put the stuff that stays there AND the pile from shelf 1 and 2 away.  If anything in this area goes on the bookshelf, I grab it up and take it back to the bookshelf with me to add to the piles that are there.

7)  The doorbell rings...  I set the pile down on the dining room table and answer the door.  Its the neighbor....  thus a lengthy discussion about the woes of cleaning.   They came to see DH.  I go find him..  in the back yard.   I hook neighbor up with DH and as I walk back to house, I see weeds...  so I pull them on the way to the house and toss them in the trash can...  that stinks to high heaven.

8).  I find a trash bag, dump the contents of the trash can into it, tie the stinky bag shut, and set the trash bag aside.  I take the can out into the yard where I can hose it down.  I decide I need a brush of some kind so into the house.   

9)  I see the pile I sat down when the doorbell rang and I pick it up and set it by the bookshelf so I can organize it later....  I have to get that stinky can washed.

10)  I wash can....  kitchen can needs cleaned also.  I empty that trash and take the can outside to hose out.  Neighbors talk to me.  I go back in house.

11) I go back to bookcase and pick up another pile  Its kids books - I head to closet with kids stuff.  Its a mess...  I straighten it up so I have a place to put the pile in my hand.

12) While I am there, I go through the kids toys to pull out the ones they no longer play with.  Take photos and list for sale.  Ok, where was I?

13)  oh, kitchen trash can!   go back outside and hose and scrub it out.

14)  Go back inside while the trash cans dry.  The phone rings. 

15)  As I answer, I remember I need to make a grocery list.  Talk to friend on phone for a while.  As I am talking, I wander out to studio and figure I can hand sew while we talk.   Call ends.

16)  I finish my hand sewing and go toward house.  See hubby.  Sit down, enjoy the view, and chant for a while.   Suddenly, I realize its 5.30 pm.  

17)  I still need to finish the bookcase: 2 more shelves to go and I need to finish the kids toy closet.

Maybe tomorrow. Unless the sun shines.

And this is why I never get anything done.

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