Thursday, April 17, 2014

The making of an Angel

I will share a story my mother told me forever ago..... it still evokes strong emotions in me even though, beside my mom, I never met any of the people in the story.

My mother was pregnant in 1959 and went into labor about 28 weeks into the pregnancy, on September 18.  It surprised everyone, even the doctor, that she was carrying twins.  These precious little boys, John and Ron, came into this world at just over 2 pounds each.

John, the smallest, officially became an Angel about 5 hours after his birth.   The larger and stronger, Ron, was holding on.

Mom was trying to deal with the passing of her precious baby, John.  She lie in her bed, quietly.  Napping, hurting, crying, wondering, aching, and praying for Ron.

In those days, sharing a room was common in the maternity ward.  The husband of mom's roommate came into the room, murmured to his wife, then said to my mother, "Aren't you the lady that lost the set of twins?"

Little Ron had left this world to become an Angel about 10 hours after he came into this world.  The hospital staff had contacted my dad and was waiting for him to arrive before telling my mother that both of her twins were Angels.  Instead, she was told by a stranger.

Due to the autopsy that was performed on the twins, my grandmother had to search for doll clothing with bonnets for the twins.   The twins both had scars on their little heads and no one wanted those scars to be the last thing mom saw.

No parent, no grandparent, NO ONE should have to go through this.  No one should have to search high and low for something for their Angels to wear.  No one should have to search for bonnets for the precious Angels. 

No one should be so callous as to point out, in a maternity ward room to a grieving mother, that she lost her babies.  

No one should have to EVER go through this.

I am now a part of Angel Gowns by Michelle.

I am almost ready to launch the blog, AngelGowns by Jacki.  It should be up and active in the next couple days.

I have a PR team to help me with the legwork. 
   Thank you to Kirsten M. and her DIL.

I received my first donation on Tuesday of embellishments and trims. 
   Thank you Vicki B.

I pick up a donation of things I can hopefully use for the tiny AngelWraps today.
   Thank you Kristie L.

I pick up the first wedding dress tomorrow and the second on the 22nd. 
   Thank you Terri B. and Kirsten M.

I have already put together 3 tiny AngelBonnets and have rearranged to make a space dedicated to AngelGowns in my studio.

I am ready.

I feel so blessed to be able to do this for the Angels that would have been my baby brothers.
... for me to no longer be troubled by at least part of this story... 
... and for the precious babies that will become Angels.

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  1. What a loving gift you will be sharing with so many grieving parents. At the time of loss there is confusion, denial, disbelief, anger, and so many other emotions. This is a gift like no other that offers the opportunity of peace, hope, faith, some understanding to process the grief and work towards closure. This is such a beautiful blessing.