Thursday, April 3, 2014

The joy of being with old friends

Today, 2 of my besties arrived in AZ for a long weekend visit!!!!

Kady and Jay arrived in town while I was getting my rib worked on...  as it turned out, we were able to met at Costco for some quick shopping.  Can 2 carts full of stuff count as a "quick" shopping?  To be fair, there was a big thingy of Charmin in the cart! 

And a bag of limes. As soon as we picked them up, Jay started singing about where she was going to put the lime....  so we had to get a coconut too.

Once we felt we had done our part to keep Costco's doors open for another day, my DH went in one direction, and Kady, Jay, and I hauled all our purchases home to be put away. 

The girls and I then headed out for a late lunch.  The sun was shining for my besties and we sat outside at the local Mexican restaurant and got a start on our weekend.

I haven't seen the girls since....  December?  Familiar faces sure make this girl happy!! The gift of their visit is better than any treatment I could get.  I hurt myself over and over laughing....  but it was a glorious pain that I welcomed with open arms.

The really big problem with having these girls here for 4 days, as I can already see, is that we have so much fun and laugh so much...  and with a dislocated rib, well, "doc, it hurts when I laugh".  And I can't NOT laugh!!!   And well, you just can't have all these girls here without a Margarita....  or was it three?...  and in my case, Pina Colada (yes, I am a sissy!).  

We found the margarita glasses, tested out several patio chairs, discussed the birds and the bees, the best ways to utilize water, how to perfect peer pressure, and turned up our noses at the dog-eat-dog, or was it cat-eat-bird way of the world.

Tomorrow, we have definite plans to get up....   after that, we don't know what we will do. Coffee on the lanai with Blanche?   Spelunking?   Mani/pedi?  Hiking?   Maybe we will do something, maybe we will do nothing.  But it doesn't really matter.  But whatever it is, it will be fun! 

You have to understand that the repartee between us is hysterical - you have to train for weeks to keep up.  Its like a verbal ping pong game !! 

And perhaps that's part of the reason I love them.  No rules, just love.

I am sure to Jay's dismay, Kady and I talked quilting and fabric quite a bit today.  I think Jay wants to learn to knit so we can all play with that a bit tomorrow...  maybe.  If not, that's ok too. 

Jay is pretty happy lounging by the pool with a cool one so I may try to sneak my sewing machine outside while she is doing that.  Or maybe nap.  Or maybe..... hmmmm.

Oh, the rib?  doc now thinks that the rib has been pulled away from the cartilage in the front below the sternum.  If this is true, it has to heal on its own and, as needed, bind it up for certain activities to reduce pain.

(FYI - I understand that if you have to bind up painful ribs, the ribs must be bound off and on during the day and must be unbound as much as they are bound to allow you to be able to breath deep - which prevents pneumonia.)

Back to the girls.....  ahhh, the girls. These girls and several of the other girls that are still back home.....  How do I thank them for their love, patience, and understanding? 

I pray they all know how I feel about them....  and they know who they are.  I pray they know that I love them, appreciate them, want them, and need them in my life...  We are each others' chosen family....  and sometimes, just like in blood families, its not always smooth, but we never go away.  Amongst fights and annoyances, we are still there for each other...  at the drop of a hat... at the ring of a phone, at the buzz of a text.  If there is a need, it is taken care of...     

Enough sappy stuff......

Hey, wait a minute....  Isn't that how the mafia works??? 

And speaking of horses....  A very wise man once explained to me that life was like riding a carousel horse.  Your horse could be up....  Your horse could be down.   The only thing you know for sure is that its gonna change, whether its up or down....  just don't get off.

Good news:::  Doc cleared me to do the zip line over our wildlife park as long as I bind before I go AND do not use my arms to hang on.  WOOOHOOOO!!!

My horse is UP today.   Where is yours?

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  1. My Horse is Up Too! Happy Friday to You and Your "Girls" now you need to figure out which ones I'm talking about ;) Anyway, You guys need to get 3 Dudes in either today or tomorrow, they are not open on Sunday! Have Fun and I will be there with you Virtually ;)