Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Some projects take years...

Its been about 3 years since we bought this house and there have been so many changes and so many surprises (some were VERY distasteful), that I decided to recreate the original photos we took of this house when house shopping to commemorate the changes. 

While we are a long way from 'done' as we still have lots of little things we consider finishing touches to do, at least we can move out of the CONSTRUCTION mode...  for a little while anyway.

So, here is a photo of our hall bathroom before we bought the house....

I finally got the 2nd coat of paint on our hall bathroom....  2 years after the 1st coat.   I asked a few friends if the coat I just put on the bathroom could be counted as the 2nd coat or if, due to the amount of time that has elapsed, did it become the 1st coat of the same color.  

Since I strongly hinted that I considered it the 2nd coat so most agreed with me.  :)

I really like the color we choose for the bathroom.  We picked (for us) crazy colors for the entire interior - I usually choose various shades of white or cream - but I am happy with every room color that we have now.

Our hall bathroom:   shades of purple and brown....

I had a hard time finding any kind of art work that I wanted in there....   the canvas that is on the wall above the towels was found in a thrift shop...  for $7.

Its probably not what one would think of when they thought of me and artwork, but it spoke to me so I drug it home with me.

The ceramic set on the counter was purchased from an online garage sale site and while I love it and it complements the canvas, the soap dispenser was not functioning and I can not figure out how to fix it so we have one of them there store bought generic pumps for the hand soap and lotion...  for now.

Stay tuned for additional unveiling as we straighten up and clear out the construction mess.

My carousel horse is up today...  I hope yours is too.

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