Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Back to reality

Well, today was pretty quiet around here after the excitement of last week:

On Friday, the doctor had DH do a CT scan to check up on any possible kidney stones.  The CT scan was completed, DH was back home, and we took off for lunch with the girls.   Just before we got to our destination, Doc called and wanted DH to report to the ER due to the pain he MUST be experiencing from the large kidney stone.  

DH talks the doc out of the ER as he was not in very much pain but makes arrangements to meet with his urologist that afternoon.  Lunch plans are cancelled and we all head back home.  DH takes off for urologist and the girls take off for a little outlet shopping.  I wait at home and chew fingernails (ok, I will be honest...  I napped AND chewed fingernails).

Due to a cancellation, DH and urologist are able to schedule procedure on Monday to reduce the size of the 7mm kidney stone to something more manageable.   Usually, the wait for the machine is a little more substantial than a couple days (the reasoning behind the ER suggestion).  Of course, the procedure is scheduled for the same time as our reservations for the Predator Zip Line experience.

However, since we were unable to participate in the zip line through no fault of our own, the Predator Zip Line people were very understanding and are graciously allowing DH and I to reschedule our ride on the zip line for a later date when we are both back on top of our game.

Friday night was spent playing FACT or CRAP and while the game was great fun, we all wished the correct answers were provided when the answer was, indeed, CRAP.   There were several snorted laughs and we decided that Kady's new name was Kat Nackelmackers (a name mentioned in the game).

Us girls did a little combo site-seeing/shopping around the city on Saturday (to include the craziness of IKEA), and by the time we get home, we are all poop-tired but we have a full pickup load of goodies!

Sunday is spent at home with a sewing pal joining us in the afternoon and, trust me, a good time was had by all.  DH napped with a heating pad while we laughed, ate, and sewed under our new shade structure.

We climb into the spa after dinner and a little alcohol and star gazing completed a wonderful day.

Monday, our guests took off for the Predator Zip Line in Camp Verde and DH and I take off for the hospital. 

DH's kidney stone proved to be stubborn (raise your hand if you are surprised) but the stone finally gave up the fight and shattered as hoped.  Thank you to those that called or messaged me inquiring about how things were going while I waited.  Recovery from the anesthesia was fast and DH and I were home before our guests.  It seems follow-up care is pretty minimal and the doc indicated that the stone particles should all be passed within a couple weeks. 

The girls sent photos and claim the zip line experience was AMAZING and are anxious to do it again on their next visit.  They stopped in Rock Springs on the way back home for some of their famous pie and even brought DH and I a piece of pie home....   YUM!!!!

Early this morning, my besties flew back home...  the DH is lying low waiting to pass a little green sand*.... and I am still hobbling around with a detached rib. 

And its so quiet.  But our wonderful guests cooked so much yummy food before they left that we are set for leftovers for a couple days....  and we are so very appreciative for their concern, support, and help during the last few days.  They even stripped their beds and cleaned their bathrooms before they left - and one bathroom TP was even folded like they do in hotels !!!  I have the bestest besties!!!

I wonder what score the Casa del Cohoon will receive on TripAdvisor from guests who had to cook and clean during their visit?  LOL

DH and I will rest and relax for a couple days to get some mending done and then gear up for the next round of guests that arrive in a couple weeks....  with a visit to the dentist and eye doctor in there someplace.  

Did I mention that its terribly quiet here?  But our next guest, an 8 year old, should be able to adjust that "quiet" problem for us.

May your day be everything you need it to be.  We will save the "want" for another day.

* the pulverized fragments of a kidney stone

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