Monday, April 14, 2014

Angel Gowns

I have been searching for a project that touches my heart and can use my skills.  I found another project several years ago that involved big tough motorcycle guys and small children that were victims of abuse but it was not a project that I could DO anything, other than send money.   I needed something I could DO.

A batch of Angel Gowns by Michelle
ready for transport to a hospital.
In March, I read an article about a mother and NICU nurse that accepted donated wedding gowns to make tiny gowns for babies who were not able to go home from the hospital.  This story touched me because my twin brothers, born 2 years after me, did not come home. 

Angel Gowns is the moniker provided by the compassionate woman who donates hours and hours of her time to lovingly make these gowns.  Her website shows the many tiny gowns she makes from a single wedding dress and where she donates them.

After dipping my toe into this project, I felt the glow of the idea and it has not been far from my mind since I read about it.  I expressed interest in participating and 2 friends have already stepped forward to donate their gowns.

So I contacted Michelle, and I can proudly announce that I will be the Arizona ambassador for Angel Gowns.   A little leg work needs to be done, I need to clear a couple things off my plate, but I am anxious to start. 

A few rules that I must keep in mind to be a part of Angel Gowns...
- Angel Gowns MUST remain "not for profit"
- Gowns must have been personally worn by the donator.
- No guarantees can be made regarding deadlines or specific gowns donated to specific places.

I am very excited to be a part of this project. I finally found a cause that I need, and that needs me.

I will need wedding gowns, vacuum bags to store the dresses in until they can be transformed into Angel Gowns, lots and lots of thread, ribbon, etc, and soft velcro and I think I will be ready to go!   I guess I need lots of Joann's coupons !!!

If you, my dear friends, are able to assist, please let me know.
And please watch for more announcements!!


  1. My wedding dress has been preserved in a box for the past 30 yrs and serves no other purpose. I could think of no better use than to bless a family in this small way. I am happy to donate it.

    1. Terri, I am honored. thank you !! I will get with you to arrange transport! Seriously, thank you!

  2. Jacki,
    I am like Terri. I have a wedding dress (very plain) sitting in my closet for 10 years (I was 55 when I got married) and have just found out about Angel Gowns and would be more than blessed to donate it. My youngest grandson was in NICU and he did come home against all odds. Please feel free to contact me via email and will get the gown to you...
    Sharon Maupin

    1. Sharon, I will contact you via email. thank you so much for wanting to help the Angels!

  3. I just recently got married, I have a huge, beautiful dress. The thought of it sitting in my closet having no use seems kind of silly, please email me at so I may help a family or families in need

  4. Hi I would like to donate my wedding gown as well. I live in Gold Canyon, AZ. Please send me an email as well on where to drop it off or mail it to. Thank you!