Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Loving Cars today!!!

Sometimes, I just can't react fast enough.

It's a wind-up toy!

I was sitting at a stop light on my way to meet a friend for a late breakfast....  Just minding my own business....  not bothering anyone.

.... and beside me, up pulls this vehicle. 

I didn't have much time so I took the photo through the tinted window...

its an altered Volkswagen.  They shorten it, narrowed it, and modified the way it sits on the frame.  The sound of the car matched its adorable look...  and the turn key (between the trunk lid and the back window and looks a bit like a wing) turned freely. Oh, and best of all, it was RED!!!

I giggled about this the rest of the day.  It truly changed by attitude for the rest of the day!!!

Speaking of cars, some of you know that I crush on Fred Flintstone.  I tell you that if he ever leaves that tramp, Wilma, he is MINE!!!

Seriously, the crushing came from a fond memory of my mom and I sitting in the evening and coloring in a HUGE (at least it seemed huge to me but then) Flintstone coloring book.

Here I am, waiting for Fred.
I have, throughout my life, collected Flintstone memorabilia.  A fave in my very small collection is Colorforms with the Flintstones.

One day around Christmas time, DH and I were out walking the neighborhood and we find the "Griswold" house.  After all, every neighborhood had at least one "Griswold" house.

... Back to story:  The "Griswolds" had all the Flintstone characters in their yard, along with the car and other props.   I sat in the car like I owned it, had DH snap a photo FAST, and we got out of there!

I totally LOVED that the car was actually made from real materials...  the wood was real wood, the top was canvas, the steering wheel was a slice of a tree trunk.  We were not sure what they used to make the tires but I lusted it anyway.

He is all mine, girls...  so back off!!
Then there is DH...  the retired Assistant Fire Chief.  He ran the Des Moines Iowa guys like he knew what he was doing !!!

But really, he is just an oversized kid (I actually think some of the guys he worked with figured this out) and he would have been in the fire truck at Chucky Cheese whether he was ever a fireman or not.   And all this at age 70(ish). 

I am sure his mother would have been proud!

On with my fascination with vehicles....  The girls at work...  what can I say?  We worked hard and when we played, we always made sure someone had bail money.

This was moving day.  While I am not remembering for sure, I will guess we were all playing musical desks. 

Smile BIG Cari C and Kathy D!!!

I suppose it was a good thing played musical desks now and then...  it was the only time I ever really cleaned out my desk.

I miss working with these girls, and the rest of them, like crazy.

... and I consider it a sheer act of God that we were never kicked out of any place.  I mean, we played the kid's game Cooties at On The Border for heavens sake!

Another thing I miss like crazy is going to get ice cream in  DHs '54 Pickup.  It was painted in Harley Davidson colors and I intended to get a personalized license plate that read "54 IN HD". 

He sold it before we moved to AZ and we used the money to buy a swimming pool.   We see the pickup around town now and then when we are back. 

If you see it, wave and say HI!!

Cars are obviously more than just a way to get around.    Cars are FUN!

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