Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Who let the hamsters out??

The trip TO the airport here in Phoenix to pick up my great niece, Katelin (aka "K"), was a scary ride; during the morning rush hour, near downtown, in the small emergency lane next to the concrete barriers in the median, was what appeared to be a yellow lab looking scared to death.  We were in the 2nd lane over and could not stop but I called 911 immediately and I am pleased to say that the responder told me that a unit was almost there to pick up and take the dog to safety.

Getting thru security was murder....  45 minutes to get to the front of the line but it will all be worth it!!!  I did become more than my normal 'annoying' by getting some people to let a couple of women move up to almost the front of the line as their plane left in about 10 minutes.   My Karma is in a good place!!

And while I am waiting for the plane to land, I shop for shoes.  Ok, not really, I just admired the shoes on the lady sitting next to me.  She agrees to let me take a photo of them.   ADORABLE!!!  But I probably won't go to Mexico for a pair.

The plan lands at last.  By the way, I love LOVE the new paint for US Airways/American Airlines!!  I only saw 2 planes on the tarmac with the new paint.

K arrives safely and only slightly delayed due to a fox on the runway at her home airport.  As told by K later, guys were sent out and the fox was, as far as we know, safe.

The first sight I see of K is strolling down the galley with her paid companion and I can hear K talking and talking.  When K sees me, she smiles from from ear to ear!

I make her stop for a commemorative photo, then gather her up for a crushing hug!!!  I was so happy to see her again!

K starts talking so fast about everything that she sounds like a squeaky hamster wheel.  I let her go for a few minutes to let off some of the 'pressure', then start asking her questions.

I have to admit that since moving to AZ, I have been less than thrilled with the general friendliness of the masses.  Now and then, I have found a few diamonds but most have not been welcoming.  In fact, we have been told that since "you were not invited here and you should go back where you came from".  HA!  I was TOO invited!!  lol.    I have also determined, from talking to other immigrants to AZ, that its not just us. 

And every time I am just about to give up, someone does something stupid and gives me hope for the general populace of AZ and people in general.

K told the story of her new friend, Pete, that sat by her and helped her with her drink and....  (here the words became squeaky hamster wheel again so I only caught something here and there)....  nice.... lilly....  daughter.   "OH" K shrieked and pointed to the men's restroom.  (this action seems bad to me....)

She said this was her new best friend and that he was the one that helped her with her drink and how to work the table and (on and on).  He walked over to us and introduced himself to us and we chatted about how sweet K.   His daughter, Lilly, joined us and I asked for a photo for posterity.  They were both happy to be in the photo.  

I thanked Pete so much for his kindness - a complete stranger helping a little girl....  and no creepiness!!!   Thus, my faith in humanity tied another knot and continues to hold on to the rope in hopes of a resurgence of trust and kindness in people.

K continues chatting while we experience the walking escalatory thingy.  I know K wants to walk back and do it again but I assure her she will get to use it again on her trip home. 

We then meet up with DH, his daughter, and granddaughter.  The daughter and granddaughter were on the same flight as K.  Another of DH's granddaughters, who lives in Tempe, was there to pick up her mom and her cousin from the airport.   The AZ granddaughter lives in the complete opposite direction from the airport so separate rides were required.

We find K's luggage and head for the skyrail train thing (whatever its called).   I tell K that's where we are headed and she stops dead in her tracks. 


She runs to catch up with DH, aka the luggage rack, and gets in position for the train.  The squeaky wheel noises start again. 

I show her the sign that tells the time of the next train, and she begins reading aloud every word it says...  over and over.  DH looks at me and I laugh.

I do make K hang on with both hands.  She promptly protests....  until the train starts.   I am laughing again!!!!    ahhh, sweet silence :)

As we leave the train, the squeaking starts again about flora and fauna and where the car is and her shoes are hurting her feet.  We stop and take her shoes off and wait for DH with the car.   Once seatbelted in, the squeaking begins again.  

I grab the phone, dial her mother, and hand the phone to K.

K squeaks a bit to her mom, hands the phone back to me, and leans back in the seat....   silence.    I unhook her seatbelt and lay her down.  

K sleeps all the way home and for another hour.   Can you duplicate that type of exhaustion?  I may need it later in the week :).

When K awakes, we take a tour of the house, the yard, and go over some rules.  I ask if she has any questions....   there is that squeaking noise again!!!

I also need to find some oil for that squeak.   

We spent pretty much the rest of the day doing what DH wanted to do.  K and I both agreed that he owes us for that so we get to have some FUN time on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and he needs to go do other stuff.  But we are not letting him off that easy...  we make him take us to dinner and K has what she says is the BEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD  (Old Chicago pepperoni in case you are wondering).

Wednesday morning, we ran one more errand with DH but made him buy us lunch.  K says they have the BEST HAMBURGER  and FRENCH FRIES IN THE WORLD (its FIVE GUYS for your notes).

We spend rest of the day watching Freeway play with a lizard, looking at camels down the road from our house, doing some homework, and swimming.

Thursday, we are invited to join DH's daughter and granddaughters for an event followed by lunch.

The afternoon, as promised by DH, is ours to spend doing fun stuff.

~ Thank you Pete and Lilly, for being so kind to my K.

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